I asked for a quote for some roofing and eaves trough work. After having not seen the quote for a week I emailed and was informed it would take more time. After 4 weeks I requested a refund as at this point I had gone with another company and had never received a quote. I got a reply email saying it had already been sent out to me and it was attached (again) as well. I took a good look through all email folders including junk etc. I didn't see it. However, I answered okay, and took a look at the quote. The roof repairs were quoted, but nothing about the eaves trough work. I followed up asking where the eaves portion was. All further communications from me were ignored, emails and phone calls. Some of the eaves work was a little tricky, so what I think happened was they couldn't get that part of it lined up. Instead of being honest about it, they decided to keep my $200.... overall I guess I'm glad I never hired them!

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John Stewart Roofing re-shingled the peak of our 1923 semi-detached and it was a pleasure. Getting a quote was no problem and it was Mr. Stewart who came out to do it. Dan and crew showed up on time and were professional and polite. When I got home the driveway was clean and we're not roofers but everything looks okay from what we can tell. John gave us some helpful advice on another, unrelated issue with some of our other eaves troughs. I would recommend J.Stewart roofing any time.

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