First Review


Madawaska"s web site is most misleading. It says to let your imagination go free and they will do the rest!!! We had to go back and forth several times because they could not do this or that: can't have solid panel must have raised panels, can't have that size lite only comes in X sizes etc. Frustration big time. After finally arriving at an acceptable door design came the question of a lock. I wanted a triple lock which is supposed to be installed in the factory. The door arrived without the lock installed. The strike plates were not inset, the sticks to the point that it is almost impossible to close on some days without leaning your full back against it. The problem is still not resolve because Madawaska says it is the installer's responsibility and the installer says it is the manufacturer's Iresponsibility. In the meantime, I am worrying about the hinges being pushed out of line. Hold off on Madawaske until you are sure who is going to do what and how. Most displeased with the affair.

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