They knew the size of home and number of vents. We arranged another contractor to do follow-up work, then arranged a vacation after all work was complete. They showed on time but after a few minutes said their equipment (wand/probe) was not long enough. I showed them how they could do the work if they also used a second location which would require a small hole drilled through some drywall and into a duct (I offered to drill). A few minutes later they said they could not do the job because the house was not ready??? Upon further questioning they admitted they didn't have the right equipment to do the work and that I should call Ram. Frustrated contractor, wife and kids just because AFC didn't have the right equipment.

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Company Response

Hi Ann,

At Alberta Furnace Cleaning we pride in a job well done and a guarantee of quality adhering to the highest standards.

Your request had many anomalies and pre-existing conditions that could not guarantee the quality of the job. A Technician was sent as per your request to review if this was doable and it was not the case. There was no access to all ductwork as needed as some were inside concrete structures and therefore not accessible even with the solutions you proposed.

We do have the correct equipment for cleaning however with the limited access, and the developed ceiling in the basement, we could not perform the job with our quality guarantee and provide the expectations you requested.

After careful review of your needs, we felt we could not take on your project hence suggested a different company as per your needs.

Thank you.
- Alberta Furnace Cleaning (Calgary)


Needed shower drain augered. Called ClearView in spite of concerns about the automatic service charge. ClearView's on-site estimate gave options from high to ridiculously high and took more time to complete than was spent inside my house. I paid ClearView their fee then hired a reputable company who completed the work for 1/2 of ClearView's lowest estimate.

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Company Response

Hi Ann, I'm sorry we let you down. We have been serving Calgary for 20 years and are here for the long haul, Ann. Price is important to all of us, but we learned a long time ago that we would rather defend our prices than defend sub-standard work. I am glad you were able to find someone to auger your drain for cheap.