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Oscar R in Burlington
Oscar R in Burlington

Comfort Water Heater

We had small water leak from tankless water heater. Comfort "technician" replaced many parts and left. For 48 hours everything was OK.On Tuesday morning we heard strange noise from downstairs. Entire main level was under water! I had to turn off water. No water = no heat in the middle of winter ! I called Reliance and demanded tech to check what happened. We started to clean main floor. Carpet damaged, walls damages, many pairs of shoes damaged. We used our wet vac to remove all water then we borrowed heater and fans to dry entire place. First Reliance tech arrived after few hours. He brought SWISS ARMY knife and started to do dome work... Swiss Army knife???After a few minutes he said that this is not his are area of expertise and he left. After he left I removed water heater cover and ... I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES ! Two copper pipes were disjoined and two screws that were suppose to hold them together were standing on the top of water heater!!! I took some pictures and forwarded them to Reliance compliant department Two more hours has passed and another technician arrived. I asked him to write report about shoddy job done by first Reliance " technician".
I contacted my Insurance Company. They told us that there is $500 deductible and they will not cover work absence for me ad my wife.
Since January 2012 I exchanged many e-mails with Reliance compliant department. They refuse to cover anything unless I will show BILLS. They do not care about 2 days absence from work countless hours of cleaning and drying and damages. No apology either. Today I decided to hire a lawyer

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Company Response

I'm terribly sorry to hear about this issue Oscar. Please email me at and I will be sure to escalate this issue to the appropriate group for further investigation. Thank you. RM