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Stressful City to City Move

Part of the reason I decided to go with Easy2Go Movers in the first place was how high their homestar reviews were, but I was in for a nasty shock. Moving cities is incredibly stressful and I was already on edge when the movers were more than an hour late. I wasn't notified that this would happen right away. Instead, 20 minutes past when they were supposed to be there I got a call. They said there were problems with the truck, but then I should have been notified.

The move also took much longer than they estimated. Despite me having sent a comprehensive list of items that would be moved, it took 3.5 hours to even get out the door rather than the 2 that were quoted. That said, it looked like the items were nicely packed.

The move was finished with only minor hiccups after that, but when the price was relayed to me it was more than $500 more than had been quoted. I expected it to be a little higher than the original quote and had pulled out more cash than was necessary and I still didn't have enough. I ended up having to pay partially through credit card and the rest through cash.

Afterward, inspecting my furniture I'm seeing dings and scratches. So even though it looked nicely wrapped, something must have happened in the truck. I'm really disappointed. 

  EDIT (Nov 5, 2021): Had a call with Ash from the company and was told about the company's good intentions and how moving's tough and karma (of all things). I was told if there's a car being washed and a tiny bit of dirt is there, I had to be reasonable.

For the record, I don't feel like I'm being unreasonable with being dissatisfied. I was also asked if I had a vendetta against the company. I was told that I could get a maximum of $150, but there was an expectation that I would change my review from a 4 out of 10 to a higher number. I didn't enjoy my experience, but did appreciate that they tried to make it right. This response from the company though on this review (and the call I had with them) felt more than a little patronizing. I don't need an explanation of how moving works. When I get a quote from a company, I expect it to be accurate. I provided everything they asked for including an itemized list and my quote was never re-evaluated.

When I said I would bump it up to a 7, they were unhappy with that and said they would only give me $75 back. I'm sure that Ash is a nice guy, but it wasn't a great sell for me. I feel for the company and for him if they're struggling. On top of that, despite me giving advance notice about the call, they didn't have my moving information or anything ready in order to help with my issue. I was even told that I was costing the company money (technically) because Ash was helping me instead of getting new sales.  I think the message there was supposed to be that they were happy/willing to sacrifice new sales in order to help current customers, but the entire call came off as passive aggressive guilt tripping.

The entire reason that I decided to go along with this company in the first place was their customer reviews and how well they were taken care of. Being underquoted and then basically being guilted for leaving a bad review when I was unhappy with the service is not acceptable. Being offered $150 back, but only if I were to give a good review (and nearly doubling my current score would only give me $75) is not acceptable either. This is not a quid pro quo and if you truly cared about how your customers felt, you would have given me $150 regardless of what my score was. My furniture was damaged. I ended up paying more than $700 more than I was quoted (tip included) and the call made it seem like it was my fault or like I was somehow being unreasonable.

Also, complaining about other customers to me over the phone wasn't the most professional thing to do. Maybe these customers were just made up and never really existed, but I was told a whole story about a rich lady who wanted the impossible from her movers and wasn't reasonable. She demanded a one day move when it would take a week and they brought on extra movers to help her. It was to talk to me about being a reasonable reviewer, but here's the thing: it had nothing to do with my system. I wasn't making unreasonable demands or asking for anything. I was given a quote by the company and based my expectations off of their own quote and their homestars score (which they told me was the highest on the platform).

My original score was 4/10, but after this phone call I'm going to lower it to 0. Easy2Go Movers can keep the money. It doesn't feel right for me to accept it when there's an expectation that I'll change my score to something higher for them.   

EDIT (Nov 11, 2021): Ash from the company got in touch with me again saying he just wanted to apologize that I had a bad experience and that I took what he was saying as him being passive aggressive and that it wasn't about the score. He said that they were just trying to make it better and needed photos from me (photos were never brought up in the Nov 5th call). Again, the way it was framed was as if it was my fault somehow for not letting the process work even though that hadn't been explained to me. I let him talk for about three minutes before I accepted the apology, said that I was sorry it didn't work out either (since I'd had high hopes for the company), and then excused myself because I had meetings to prep for. He was unhappy that I still wouldn't change the review or take it down or delete it. His parting shot was "Thousands of people will see your review. I hope you never have a small business where people can ruin it with a single review." How is that NOT passive aggressive? Easy2Go Movers was a bad moving experience and it could have been just left at that. They could have just apologized and left it at that. But they're STILL trying to get me to change my review. I'm not changing my review. I'd drop it lower than 0 if I could. And for reference, I never accepted any compensation from Easy2Go Movers for the reasons outlined above.

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Company Response

Hi Lindsay,

We take pride in being honest and transparent about our costs, and we would hate for you to believe you were overcharged for our services. We'd want to emphasise that your task was based on an hourly cost for the sort of service you requested, as we told you over the phone. It is also noted explicitly in the email to avoid confusion.
Unfortunately, predicting a moving operation is not an exact science, and hidden factors often might increase the time required to accomplish a moving project. Estimating the time for a transfer can be much more difficult if the estimate was done online, as it did in this case.
Our major goal is to proceed with a high level of professionalism on every task and do our best to overcome hurdles and accomplish the relocation in the shortest amount of time possible.
When it comes to the damages, we try our best to give you a fair solution. In order to do so, we must follow protocol, which is why we asked you to send images since we started the discussion, but we haven't gotten any.
We hope you are enjoying your new home and wish you all the best.

Customer service Manager
Easy2Go Movers