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Wamboldt: The best in the business!

If you’re looking for a company to handle your heating or cooling needs, I highly recommend Wamboldt Heating & Air Conditioning. This company delivers quality, old-fashioned service with modern knowhow and technology. Remember the days when you’d phone a service company and they’d show up on time on the appointed day? Then they’d check back in after the job was done to ensure that everything was working fine? And if they needed to make a return visit to make an adjustment, they’d answer the call?
Everyone yearns for those days that seem to be in the distant past, but you can still get them with Owen, Matt & the team at Wamboldt. Their work is professional. Their attitude is excellent. Their pricing is more than competitive. Best of all, they know what they’re doing.
We had them in to install a Slant-Fin Kickspace Heater, that blows hot air off a radiator system – a tricky job that required definite knowhow. Matt did a fantastic job and their recall visit was way above par. Our family recommends Wamboldt. Get them. You won’t be disappointed!

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