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Skim coating of textured plaster

Benny came exactly as advertised on his other reviews posted here. He is a plastering specialist who takes great care and pride in his work. His attention to detail was apparent throughout the entire job. Working on the ceiling over the stairs wasn't a challenge for Benny with his scaffold setup.

The master bedroom ceiling, and the walls and ceiling leading up to the 2nd floor had a very dated textured plaster look (first 2 pics). Benny covered it all with four skim coats over three days. After the fourth skim coat, it really didn't need much sanding. He is that expert a craftsman at his trade. His partner, Carlos, spent a day sanding then painting to perfect the job. I'm totally blown away by just how good this job turned out. And I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Benny and Carlos for jobs requiring plastering repair or skim coating.

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Thank you kindly sir it was a pleasure
Thank you Benny's ceiling stucco removal