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Geo in Old Toronto
Geo in Old Toronto
1 review Toronto, ON

Terrible Customer Service

They work and leave their mess for the customer to clean up. Countless number of violations when it came to the furnace installation and did not take responsibility for poor work ethic. The General contractor would show up with his butt crack hanging and always exposed and eating our food with work that was not being done. Took a vacation in the middle of the job and work was ceased for two weeks. this company was consistently dishonest to us about work that wasn’t being done and blames everyone but himself. Subcontracts out to his shady friends that are rude and inexperienced. No HVAC permits were pulled. Overcharged and left messes all the time. Attic insulation was less than required to code as was the rest of the work - not to proper code. Do not recommend them at all. Did not get my full rebate due to sub-par work in the attic. I had to hire a professional to come and redo most of the work done. Save your money and time in hiring a real Professional. They do not listen or care about you, just the check.

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Company Response

It’s unfair that anyone can discredit a legitimate and professional company with despicable false claims with no legal recourse.

We are not accustomed to this kind of review. And it is beneath our dignity to respond to such vindictive and false accusation. But with respect to our personal integrity we reluctantly respond.

We are shocked about the "eating your food comment because you ordered in dinner on two occasions to show their appreciation to us for late night hours and “outstanding” work, Pizza Pizza and Swiss Chalet.

We would not eat any of their food unless it was delivered. These are the only two occasion any food was eaten by us at the customers.

Their property should have been tagged by authorities for electrical and gas line code infractions prior to us making the necessary corrections. Several electrical live lines were cut and gas lines were wrapped with live electrical lines. These infractions could have resulted in gas explosions or electrical fires. Extremely dangerous situation for us and the tenants on 1st and 2nd floor.

This Customer is unusually quick to anger and give verbal abuse for no apparent reason other than untrained opinions. He definitely has serious anger management issues. We witnessed several occasions of verbal abuse towards us and his elderly tenant mother living on 2nd floor.

On many occasions, because of his controlling personality, he wanted to do the final clean up at days end and gave us permission to leave after we had done the majority of clean up.

At the beginning of the contract we suggested they move out during the first couple weeks of demolition and preparations. They claimed it was not financially possible. It was extremely difficult to plan and execute the work in such a tight and limited space while they were living in the apartment. The customer took full responsibility for demolition and construction disposal and instructed us where to leave the garbage for their disposal.

Our relocation of the furnace room, installation of new furnace and duct work, tankless water heater, air conditioner, plumbing rework and design and new gas lines were done to code.

Customer has never called us with any complaints or repairs although under full warranty. As of this response we are not aware of the details of any of their claims of “unprofessional” work. Nor were we given any opportunity to correct any deficiencies. At the end of our work they were extremely happy with our work and paid us in full without any reservations.

Again it’s unfortunate that someone can make such false claims to serve their selfish egos while trying to damage the reputation of reputable people and their organizations.

Still we offer our services to rectify any and all of their valid claims and deficiencies without any prejudice.