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Hadi in Toronto
Hadi in Toronto
1 review Ottawa, ON

Installation problem not accepted by the company

We had a GE dishwasher installed by this company. The installation cost around $230 CAD. On the day of installation, the dishwasher door was making a loud noise on opening and closing. The technicians that installed the appliance were unable to figure out the source of the noise. They told me the noise is probably coming from the door hinges. A few days later, I placed a service call with GE (the appliance is under warranty), and a GE technician came to inspect and determine if the appliance has a defect. The GE technician realized that the noise was caused by INSTALLATION PROBLEM (I have a written report), because the door was not making a noise when the dishwasher was removed from the cabinet.

I called MD Appliance Installations again and asked them to send a technician to fix the issue. Their technician came on November 18, 2021. He only spent 15 MINUTES in our house. He did NOT bother to remove the dishwasher from the cabinet to detect the source of the noise. The only thing he did was: open the dishwasher screws, move it slightly inside the cabinet (less than 1/2 inches), and tell me "your cabinets are too tight". I can't accept this answer, because we had another dishwasher installed in the same spot with no mechanical problem. Yes, there can be very tiny differences in size between dishwashers, but a PROFESSIONAL installation job is supposed to rectify such issues. Otherwise, did I just pay $230 for a couple of screws to be tightened?!!!

I asked the MD Appliance Installations technician for a refund in case I found another company that was able to resolve the issue. He told me that I should talk to their manager, and immediately called him. The manager refused to talk to me. I do not appreciate this unfriendly and unresponsive attitude from the manager.

The source of the noise is the door springs and/or pulleys hitting the cabinet wall. In the long run, this will cause damage to the mechanical parts of the dishwasher's door. Therefore, if I don't get this noise fixed right now, in the future I will also have to pay for repairs caused by the bad installation job done by MD Appliances Installations.

Right now I have to contact another appliance installation company and pay another installation fee to repair this issue. If MD Appliances Installations is not willing to fix this issue, I think I deserve a full refund.

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Company Response

Hello Hadi,

I am regretful that this needs to be done over a review platform as I offered to personally come out and show you what the issue was. You instead chose not to respond to an email and went on to badmouth us online. The installer happens to be my brother so I answered the call, unfortunately I was not in a position to discuss with you over the phone. Which is why I had emailed you right after he left.

I would also like to clarify that the $230 fee was for delivery, installation, parts and removal of the old unit.
please do not mislead people as the machine is functioning properly. The issue lies with the tight cabinet not the functionality.

As you stated, there was a noise coming from the hinges while the unit was pushed in and secured.
Normally this is caused by a very tight fit. Sometimes the hinge guard just needs some time to be able to adjust and lose the friction.
This was also explained in the email communication that we had prior to our visit after the service tech was there.
In your email, you mentioned that there was no noise while the service tech had the dishwasher out of the opening. He stated it was installed incorrectly, that the hinge was rubbing on the hose, and then instead of adjusting, just slid it right back in.
Seems to me that this Warranty tech didn't do anything to assess the situation and then will go on to claim his site visit fee from the manufacturer who will blindly pay it.

Here is your exact email below.

""Hi Katie,

I am following up on the installation of the GE dishwasher (purchased from CAS). The dishwasher was installed by your technician on October 27. On the day of installation, the dishwasher door was making a loud noise while opening. Your technician told me that he was a bit “surprised” by the noise, but he said it will go away soon. Since the noise didn’t go away, we called GE for a service call (the dishwasher has a one year warranty). Today the GE technician came to inspect the dishwasher. When he pulled out the dishwasher, the door was not making any noise. But when he put it back, it was again making the noise. It turns out the dishwasher is not properly installed (the GE technician wrote this on his report). The problem is that the door springs rub against something (possibly the water pipe).""

As you can see in the last line of your email, the service tech couldn't tell you what was actually wrong and assumedly blamed my installers and said "MAYBE" the water pipe? As an experienced installer the sound of the hinge rubbing on the wall or the sound of the hinge rubbing on the water pipe are two pretty different sounds.
One that an experienced technician should know.

This was my response to your email, and we sent a tech out at no charge to verify what I figured to already be the issue.

""My experience with GE dishwashers is that they require a wider cabinet than other models hence why the unit didn't make any noise when out of the cabinet.

It's doubtful the springs are rubbing on the hoses.

Please set up a call for Aaron to go look.
Warranty techs go to is to blame install so they get paid fir the trip instead of fixing the issue.""

That being said, I believe that the issue lies with the cabinet being tight. And due to company policy, we do not modify or alter cabinetry unless its a minor thing. The dishwasher you previously had in the space was probably not as bulky as the GE you had us install. Your suggestion of my installer sitting there and sanding the wall to your cabinet until the hinge no longer rubs is completely out of the question.

One way or another, I believe this complaint/review was completely unwarranted.
You could have responded to my last email after you followed my installer from your home swearing at him and we could have dealt with it. You chose not to.
That being said, I will most definitely not be refunding you due to the way that you went about this.

We are a small business and and we do our best to accommodate clients regardless of the situation. Giving a refund due to a minor issue is something we have done and continue to do in order to appease our client base.
But, We also give respect to all clients and expect the same in return. Unfortunately, this is not something that has been reciprocated from you.

Thank you.