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Summer move

I hired Power Mover to move me this past summer. I was happy until I saw the damage to my furniture and the end price which was considerably higher than the estimate I was given. My antique dining room table was badly scrapped at one end. My white couch wasn`t very white anymore, my bookcase has a chunk of corner missing and my tv stand is like a loose tooth! I will never trust them a again and would not recommend them to anyone.

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Company Response

Hi Donna,

Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with our service especially after you told to our movers and I'm repeating your words: "you're the best movers that I ever hired", but I must mention a few points that you didn't mentioned in your comment:

1. You called to complain on damages 3 months after the job was done. If there's damage customers usually open a claim after 1 day or at the same day of the move, not after 3 months. You called me saying that you forgot the company name and you didn't have any details, but the movers left you copy of the contract plus a business card like we are doing with every customer we have.

2. You mentioned that the estimate wasn't accurate. First of all estimate is never 100% accurate, this is why it's called estimate and we also mentioned at the email we sent you that this is not a final price but only an estimate of how long the move may take. Second, we gave you estimate for 6 hours move, you complained that the estimate is too high and asked us to send you another estimate that mentioned 3 hours move and if there's any difference you'll pay it. The job took 5 hours, less time from our original estimate. We have also the email conversation with you that we mentioned 6 hours job.

3. Unfortunately we cannot compensate you for your damaged furniture that you had prior to the move. You had alot of furniture that was not in good condition prior to the move and we cannot take responsibility on that. The movers notified you for the damage on the bottom of the bookcase that you already had and fully wrapped it with moving blankets.

4. The movers also mentioned to you that the TV stand shakes, and at your new home they even tied it for you and you admitted that it's much more stable.

5. The dining table wasn't in perfect condition to begin with and the movers still fully covered it with  moving blankets to keep it safe. The damages that you have on the table didn't come from the move.

6. Your sofa was fully covered with shrink wrap and moving blankets overtop. If your white sofa was dirty like you are claiming, I'm sure that you would let the movers know before you made the payment and not after 3 months.

7. You signed our contract and marked that you checked everything and there's no damaged or missing items.

One more thing that I need to mention, is after you called me I told you that even though it has already passed 3 months, I will investigate the situation with the movers and let you know as soon as possible and you agreed. A day after without contacting me you decided to write this review which is not even accurate. I know that it's almost impossible to satisfy every customer that we have, but I can promise you that we are doing all that we can to make it happen.

I wish you all the best at your new home.

Thank you,

James Power Moving