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Should have looked at all the reviews on this company.

I had representative from Express Repair come to my residence to repair my fridge. The representative indicated he was not a refrigeration technician however indicated my cooling system was faulty and needed to be rebuilt. Costs estimated between $1200 and $1400 to repair. Called a couple days later and asked if they could make the repairs required. Michelle (I think she is some kind of manager) called back and indicated it would take 3 months to get parts and I should call the manufacturer. I asked Michelle to provide a documentation indicating the long delay so I had something to show the manufacturer. She refused and said it was against their policy. I then asked for a part number and she indicated she would send within 48 hours. Two weeks latter I followed up with Michelle about part number and she said they no longer fix fridges and to look up part number on line.
Not getting any service from ExpressRepairs I was forced to pay for another company to diagnose fridge issues. It will cost $500 to repair fridge.

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