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Raccoon Removal

Amazing! Louis is truly a master of this trade! We had a raccoon living in the ceiling of our brand new home. First we had another company, that shall remain nameless, come out and install a one way door. They were on site for about 5 minutes, did ZERO inspection and completely disregarded my concerns that there was in fact a nest with cubs in the ceiling. Sure enough for two nights we watched on camera as the poor mother raccoon tried relentlessly to make her way back inside. When we had chirping noises in the ceiling, we knew we had to act. We were lucky to come across A-1 Wildlife Removal. Louis answered my call and promised to arrive the same day. He was courteous to call me and inform me in advance that he would be running late, which I appreciated (having dealt with tradesmen a lot this in itself is an extreme rarity!). On arrival he quickly got to work. We both agreed that the ceiling would need to be cut to expose the nest. He worked quickly but carefully and protected my home and ensured that there was minimal mess. He cleaned out the latrine and the nest and was able to find 3 cubs, which had been separated from their mother. Cubs were placed in a warmed box outside for the mom to retreat. We thought this was the end of it but soon after he left I heard the all-too-familiar scurrying of the mother raccoon in the ceiling (so much for the one way door that the other "experts had installed!). A short phone call to Louis and in no time at all he was back at our place. He ingeniously used one of the cubs to lure the mother raccoon out of the house. Finally the house is raccoon-free, the mother is reunited safely with her cubs and the access point is securely closed off. All thanks to Louis! This was a perfect example of a master of his trade in complete contrast to the complete amateurs I dealt with first. My only regret is that I did not call Louis first!

I highly, highly recommend A-1 Wildlife Removal

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Thanks you so much Roman for this very descriptive review of what unfortunately happen and I was more than happy to be able to rescue those littles one out of your ceiling ( if the previous company would of listened to your concern they would of find out where the little where , but more often then other those companies don't care about theirs customers and what ever was living inside...it's all about how much they make at the end of the day and not how well and successful the job was done)
It's was a real pleasure to help you out Roman
Best reagards
Louis From A-1CWRP