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Robert from Toronto
Robert from Toronto
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Climate Experts was referred by my general contractor who had spoken very highly of their work and customer service from previous jobs.

My big bang basement renovation involved underpinning the foundation to achieve a ceiling height of 8’. The previous owner had installed a top of the line Lennox
SLP98V furnace but had reused the existing old ducts which unfortunately are bulky and ran down the middle of the basement. As part of finishing the basement,
I wanted to take down the old ducting and install a new configuration in which it would run alongside the wall (opposite from the windows) giving the basement maximum exposure to natural light.

Cody Johnson’s team installed modern slimmer ducts that were routed along the inner wall connecting back into the furnace manifold . A new gas line was run (1-1/4” black iron) from the gas meter at the front of the house to the back supplying natural gas to kitchen stove, hot water heater, furnace, standby generator, fireplace and BBQ. New lines for the A/C were also ran from my Lennox XC17 back to the furnace.

Cody’s team designed it so that all the described runs were hidden in the ceiling joists and ran along the new duct run. This allowed me to have ONE finished bulkhead which all the HVAC runs were contained.

Since I was getting a tank less hot water heater (HWH) rental from Reliance installed, Cody is a partner of theirs which meant he could complete the installation for me instead of having a separate installer come into the mix and not being familiar with the basement site. This was the obvious preferred arrangement as I would be getting the same workmanship as I did with the HVAC install. Cody took care of business by making arrangements with my Reliance rep to pick up and install the unit. He also helped me return my existing water tank rental back to Reliance.

Finally, I also had Cody install the radiant flooring components needed activate my new floor heating. During the underpinning process, I had my general contractor run PEX piping in the concrete for the entire basement. His installs are tidy and well thought out in order to minimize the space required for the mechanics. This means more reclaimed space to put back into livable area for our family.

Cody’s customer service was top notch. He was responsive in our communications by taking the time to addressing all the questions I had about the HVAC. Since our child has allergies and is very sensitive to the air quality and relative humidity of the environment. I wanted to ensure that we were doing all that we can with our HVAC system so that a comfortable and clean environment is created. Cody’s expertise was evident as he suggested multiple options in which we can could accomplish this (bypass vs. power fan assist humidifier) (replacing PureAir Filtration Kit)( whole house dehumidifier in standalone vs. integrated with furnace mode). I ended up having Cody install a fan assist humidifier and whole house dehumidifier to regulate humidity (RH).

Cody Johnson and his team were extremely professional throughout the entire process. Cody always took the time to answer any questions I had and made it a point to arm the customer with the information and letting them make the decision. I always felt comfortable discussing options with Cody and never felt like I was being upsold on products/services I didn’t need.

When it comes to your HVAC system you want a professional to not just provide the quality workmanship but also to look out for your best interests to deliver what you want out of your HVAC. This is where I felt Cody really came through well above other the HVAC companies I talked to.

Thanks again to Cody and Climate Experts!

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