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skyride39 in Whitchurch-Stouffville
skyride39 in Whitchurch-Stouffville
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Roof Shingle Replacement

I went with Vargas to replace our 12 year old roof on our house which was a new build. I went with them because a couple years ago after the wind storm that blew off a large section of shingles, they were willing to come out last minute after the first roofer I called didn't come at the appointed time for an appointment that I made a week out but then the first roofer finally could come so I had to turn down Vargas. But a year later, when the first fix didn't hold and shingles fell off again, I decided to call Vargas and this time the fix held. Earlier this summer, we had a leak in another part of the roof and I decided to call Vargas again to fix, which they promptly came, identified the problem, and fixed. Impressed by their responses to my requests, I decided to ask them to replace the shingles on my roof. We were slated for October to change but the team was able to fit us in on mid-September during a warm week, as I was concerned about installing a new roof during cold and wet days. Elian and his crew were friendly and efficient, completing the job in a day and a half. They were as clean as you could possibly be and the new charcoal roof looks great, modernizing the look of the house (replacing our brown roof). They even identified some problems of the original builder where one of the bathroom vents wasn't connected properly, and they had to take off one of the eavestroughs to work around something in what I thought was a difficult part of our roof where two roof valleys meet (our front of the house has two large dormars). In talking to Elian about bathroom fans where I complained the original builder gave me minimum code fans that didn't appear to exhaust anything, he gave me a tip to check if there was a piece of tape behind the motor where the original installer may have left behind that was preventing a flap from being opened when the fan turns on. Sure enough, there really was a piece of masking tape preventing my fans from exhausting for the last 12 years! I couldn't believe it but thank you Elian for sharing that tip with me. Anyways, after the job was completed, I did have to contact Jenny to get Elian back again, as I noticed after that they forgot to put a mini elbow back onto to eavestrough they had to take off, plus when they came, I asked them to clean up the eavestroughs where I could see some shingle debris was left behind, plus ask them to flatten some shingles as some appeared to be bubbled, not flat. I'm grateful they came back the next day to do this, understanding that Jenny can't instantly reply or immediately answer my texts and emails (especially I had identified the missing elbow just minutes right after Elian had left). And even after they left the second time, I finally was able to get some binoculars to check how they reroofed that difficult part of the roof (keeping in mind it's really hard for me to see from the ground) and I sent a technical question to Jenny to ask Elian on how they reroofed that difficult part compared to what it looked like before just to make sure water would still flow down properly but I got no acknowledgement or reply. I decided to not push for an answer as to not wear out the welcome mat, and save it for the next time if a real issue comes up where I do need Vargas to come back to fix something, which I do not expect we'll have to do as it has rained the last few days and the roof looks great and the water appears to be flowing well off that difficult part of the roof. Thank you Jenny and Elian for the experience and putting up with my constant questions. You and your team were pros and respectful. And thank you again for that great tip on the bathroom fans.
An update: Jenny and Elian just answered my technical question this morning. Thank you again for everything and putting up with my constant questions. Honoured to have had Vargas Family service our roof.

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Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. I'm glad we were able to solve and answer all questions and concerns. Please don't hesitate to ever reach out. We are thrilled you love the end result and thank you for the review.