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Hot tub cover

I have owned a beachcomber tub for 11 years. the factory cover lasted a little over 6 years. When I needed replacement I gave the business to this company after reviewing feedback on homestars. I paid $475 plus tax as I recall. I was told it was 3 years guaranteed and should last me 5 plus. Great service, installed with me at the time, was quite happy. After a little over 3 years, the cover stitching began to fail, the unit became water logged. Multiple months and pictures and communications later, this company passed me to the manufacturer whom finally agreed on a prorated warranty. I paid another $370 all incl as a prorated cost as I was just past 3 years - so I saved $100 or so, seemed like a poor concession but was happy to fix my problem and it was still cheaper than moving to another company. I was told this new unit was improved given a double poly wrap of the interior parts. That unit was dropped on my lawn against a tree in April 2019. In January 2020, 9 months later, the unit corners lifted and it developed a sag, primarily on one side. I again communicated and 5 months later, primarily due to covid, I received a replacement styro foam half (again, on my lawn against a tree) and installed it. Three months further, the other side started sagging with lifted corners. I again communicated and was offered my $370 as a refund, but they wanted the defective cover back in exchange for the refund to 're-sell' to another buyer - surprising - of course production timelines are high due to the covid popularity of hot tubs, so a replacement would take a couple months per my hot tub manufacturer, and it would be more than the $370 of course. I explained that I would simply like to receive a new cover and use the warranty the replacement came with. I was told (ultimately after a couple months more of back and forth), that the factory, pcp fabricating in Barrie, would commit to a December 20 replacement date, and that this installer I'm reviewing would be picking up my old cover and refunding me my $370...all is well...except that I was informed I would need to spend the full cost on a new cover, so no real warranty, more of a 'take your business elsewhere'. When I asked simply for the warranty option to replace my cover, and to have them keep the refund they offered, that was not an option and I got a 1-800 line for the factory. Effectively, there is no warranty that is easily exercised. I've been down this road for 4 years, 2 covers, and $900 in cost, and finally decided to review this company. I bought based from positive home star reviews, be wary, its all good until it isn't, and when that happens, for the most part you have to fight tooth and nail to get anything done. go elsewhere, save the hassle.

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The warranty is through the factory(only two in Canada) and I thought they were more than fair to honor two warranties which you were originally out of warranty by 4 months. They cannot honor a third warranty on a warranty for a free cover and since they cannot make you happy , they are refunding your money. Therefore, you received 5 years worth of a cover(which is the average) and only paid once after the refund. I am not sure what you are complaining about. And to appease you further, we are allowing you to get a new cover(2 months eta) before we pickup the old cover; instead of taking right away. Since this review is to hurt my business and take food out of my families mouth, I am still going to show compassion and allow you to get the new cover before picking up the old one and refunding, even though by all rights I should take it back now and leave you without a cover. I have learned during Covid to be kind instead of vindictive. Good luck in the future.