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Bill Johnson in Burlington
Bill Johnson in Burlington
0 reviews Hamilton, ON


n June 2021 this guy came door to door ( I should have known right there ) selling a paving solution for my driveway which I reluctantly agreed to. It was completed first week of July, and I immediately called Fabio about the issues with ridges and uneven distribution of asphalt. The excuses began with that first call.

"we're busy but I'll get to it this week"

"I'll have my guys come by when we're in your neighbourhood.'

"I'll be there end of week."

"We do our repairs at the end of the season."

"We'll be there before the end of November."

Blah Blah Blah.


They took the $$ upfront and disappeared.

When he knocks on your door, do yourself a favour .....DON'T ANSWER.

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