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Miserable customer experience

We bought a dishwasher here a few weeks ago. In store experience, before we made the purchase, was nice and pleasant. The problems started on the supposed delivery date. The delivery team showed up, looked at the old dishwasher and how it was hooked up to the plumbing system, and said they were not proceeding with the installation because of the non-standard piping. We had just bought the house a week before that, obviously the fact that our piping was all weird was as much of a surprise to us as it was to them.

So they left after having spent literally under 5 minutes in our house, and we had to schedule a visit from a plumber to fix the piping. So we do that, the plumber comes in, does his job, I call Goemans again to schedule a delivery again. They tell me I now owe them another $226 for the delivery and installation. (The original delivery and installation was also $226.) So after all said and done, to have the dishwasher delivered and installed, I have to pay $452.

I try to reason with them and explain that it's not exactly fair to charge a full installation and delivery fee when no installation actually took place. Actually even the old appliance wasn't removed. So really we paid $226 for them to come look at our dishwasher and spend 5 minutes in our house. I understand that scheduling an installation takes up a spot in the delivery/installation team calendar, and it causes inconvenience, so I'd be willing to pay a trip charge or whatever it is. But paying the full fee? How does that make sense?

I just wanted it to get delivered and installed, so I thought screw it, here's another $226, just get it done. I take another day off work and expect them. They come again, look around, inspect the pipes, everythign is now great. And then the ask me -- where is the new dishwasher? Turns out they didn't even know the original dishwasher hadn't yet been delivered. And so after spending another 5 minutes in my house... They leave.

Goemans calls me again. They want to schedule yet another installation now. And -- get this -- they gracefully agree not to charge me for the third installation! Customer service at its best. When I explain to them that the entire experience had been very frustrating and after paying TWICE for a dishwasher to get delivered and installed I in fact have received that service ZERO times, they don't seem to care that much. At this point I expect a full or at least a partial refund of the $452 delivery fee, but I was told it was not possible. No apology was offered. They kept saying it's my fault it wasn't installed first time. That might be true. But what did you, Goemans Appliances, do to help your customer to deal with that problem?

I take another day off work. It's OK, everyone knows here in Ontario you can take any number of days off work, and it will not bother your employer at all. Why do I even go to work when I can sit at home and chill and still have my job. Third time is a charm -- they come in and install it this time.

Goemans, sometimes your customers have to deal with unexpected difficulties. I strongly believe that it is your responsibility as a service provider to make sure you do everything for your customer to help them overcome those difficulties. In this situation, you did everything but. Our salesman Tom did absolutely nothing to help and was condescending and rude. No apology for the second failed delivery was made, and no attempt to offer us a refund for the first installation, that never actually took place, was made.

This review could have been very different if everything went according to plan. But it didn't, and Goemans, in their dealing with this situation, showed just how little they care about their customers. I will never do business with them again.

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