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Duct Cleaning

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY! We hired Edmonton Steam Dry to clean our ducts in our house. It cost us $240 for 20 ducts, which was very reasonable, I thought. The cleaning process was relatively fast and painless but the aftermath has been a nightmare! Less than 12 hours after the ducts were cleaned, we smelt a burning smell in the ducts and the furnace stopped working. We called Edmonton Steam Dry the next day and they dispatched the same duct cleaners who cleaned the ducts to investigate. The duct cleaner diagnosed the furnace and said it was because the motor in the blower blew and it's due to age (10 years old, which is only half the life of a furnace). I have a furnace in another house that's still running and that furnace is 50 years old. It's the middle of winter and the weather is supposed to go below -20C in a couple of days, we don't really have a choice but to listen to the duct cleaner and just have it replaced. So they came back the next day with a new motor and installed it in the furnace. Not only did the furnace still not run but the duct cleaner charged us $470 for the motor and told us to call an actual furnace repair company to fix the issue. They left us with a broken furnace! Please keep in mind the temperature is about to drop to -20C the next day. So we called an actual furnace repair company. The technician came and quickly diagnosed that the furnace's main control board was blown and he could not verify the functionality of the motor because duct cleaner had taken the motor away. The new technician thinks the duct cleaner probably blew compressed air onto the main board. The moisture slowed seeped onto the circuit board causing a short, which blew the main control board, which explains why the furnace stopped working hours after the duct cleaners left. The total repair for this mess came to over $1350 in damages - that's not including what we paid for the duct cleaning and the space heaters we had to buy to stay warm!!! We went to Edmonton Steam Dry's office a couple of days later to complain about what had happened and told them what the technician thought was the cause of the issue. Does it seem very coincidental that the furnace died less than 12 hours the ducts were cleaned? We also had a maintenance done on the furnace less than a month before the ducts were cleaned and the report said "the furnace looked good" and the man doing our maintenance checked and tested every part of the furnace and there were absolutely no issues. We went into Edmonton Steam Dry's office a couple of days later and the manager was very hostile and would not listen to what we had to say and denied all responsibility. She told us that they don't work on furnaces they just clean ducts. Then why did they try to diagnose and fix our furnace in the first place? Should they not have referred us to someone who can fix the furnace? But in the same sentence she also said that her guys are licensed technicians and have replaced tons of motors but the technician that replaced the motor in our furnace blower said that this was the first one of these he had ever done. All of this seems very contradictory to me. Needless to say we are very unhappy with the service we were provided and now have to take them to small claims court to get our money back. Our word of advice to everyone is: DO NOT HIRE EDMONTON STEAM DRY. They are not trustworthy and if anything happens to your furnace during the duct cleaning they will not be responsible and you will have a hefty bill to pay. Since our initial dealing with them they have also deleted some of our reviews and made fake reviews on google. This should tell you a little about the professionalism of this company.

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Dear Customer,
Firstly, We apologize that the service you had was not performed to the standard it should have been. Steam Dry Canada takes our customer's experience very seriously. If you have not already done so, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-844-417-8326. We are open 7 days a week to serve you better.
Thanks once a again for your feedback as it will help us to improve our customer experience

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