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mike from Toronto
mike from Toronto
7 reviews Toronto, ON

Bathroom Renovation

I hired Eoin to renovate my bathroom and install a wall and sliding door. In summary the work was average, at best. In the end, the biggest issue was the unwillingness Eoin displayed in fixing issues/deficiencies. He has made numerous promises to come and fix the issues but has cancelled every time. After spending thousands, I'm left with having to fix them myself.

Things started off ok - Eoin seemed to be genuinely interested in the project, offered good suggestions and took the time to review things with me. He was upfront and honest regarding cost and was able to start almost immediately. During the project, Eoin was responsive - though there were some delays, he did a good job of keeping me informed. The positive experience took a turn towards the final stages of the project, hence the low rating.

The overall quality of the work was not great. There were a number of minor touch ups, which are fine and to be expected. The below list are things that Eoin DID NOT fix. After numerous attempts to get in touch with him, he became unresponsive.

Issues that Eoin did not fix (these are over and above other issues he did fix):
- cracked drywall (same issue with two of the walls he built)
- incorrect paint colour (requiring multiple re-dos)
- towel bar was installed crooked - very sloppy
- light installed in the shower keeps on shorting
- did not re-paint following a previous fix (the wall was uneven and needed to be leveled)
- he lost the key to my home that i provided him

As much as I hate to have to write a negative review, I'm left with little choice given the way the project ended. I would NOT recommend Rush Contracting and Design.

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Company Response

It’s unfortunate that the customer felt it was necessary to post such a negative review of this project and our services. At no time during the job was the quality of work questioned, which is why it was so surprising to suddenly learn that he found it ‘average at best’. We provided a great deal of advice on many issues during the project, some of which, unfortunately, were not accepted due to his concerns with cost, although we went out of our way to give him the fairest rate possible at every turn. When the customer purchased material that was incorrect and delayed the timing of the project, we were more than understanding and accommodating, and picked up his replacement materials for free.
We were not informed about the light shorting previously, and had in fact advised the homeowner that the existing wiring should be fixed in a separate part of the apartment. The location of the towel rack took the homeowner a number of weeks to decide on, and when it was installed it was done so using a level.
The small crack in the wall was unfortunately caused by the barn door and type of sliding track that the owner chose and purchased. We did return to fix the wall on two occasions, including bringing in a skilled plasterer to raise the corner of the wall 2mm, as was requested. The wall was subsequently painted twice following those repairs.
What wasn’t mentioned in the review is the quality work that was completed and way that we accommodated the homeowner throughout the lifecycle of the project. The end result was a modern new bathroom – vanity, shower, tile, custom glass. When the homeowner changed his mind on items throughout the project (which is natural in any project), we obliged and made those changes.
The homeowner was told that we would come to resolve what he saw as the final issues with the project, although scheduling was difficult. We acknowledge there was a delay and do apologize for this. New projects had started and we were also out of the country for a short time. We also reached out after this review was originally posted to express that we were disappointed and offered again to resolve the issues, but were told he had fixed them himself. We are sorry for the way this project ended, as it overshadowed the extent of the work that was put in.
We take great pride in our work and want to work with our customers to build a positive working relationship, which we believe we had achieved with Mike. It must also be said that some customers will never be satisfied.
Regarding the keys, we are very sorry to have misplaced them and offered to pay for a replacement set.