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Michael Wight from Kingston
Michael Wight from Kingston
1 review Kingston, ON

Bat control

For several years we have experienced bats in our home. Two or three times a year we would be visited by one bat only (never more than one !)

My wife and two daughters were horrified at the thought that a bat could appear at any time and they were terrified when one did !
Several months ago three bats appeared in the house at the same time.........
Well that was enough, my wife threatened to leave the house and to stay in a hotel until I had sorted this bat issue out. I browsed the internet looking for bat control companies and initially contacted the larger Pest Control organizations thinking that this would be the more appropriate route, the people I spoke with did not appear to have the knowledge nor the experience specifically related to bat control.
So I decided to broaden my search, my next call was to BCS (Bat Control Services) The phone rang once and was then answered by Benjamin Vaughan, who was at the time working on top of a roof, bat proofing one of his clients homes in London.
Ben spent the next 15 minutes talking with me. I was so impressed with his understanding, knowledge and the vast experience related to bats and their control. I knew half way through the conversation that I was going to employ his services.
Two days later, on his way to a customer in Ottawa, he stopped off at my house in Kingston, by the end of the day ( Ten hours later) my home was completely bat proofed.
Ben and his associate had worked relentlessly in and around my 3000 square foot home, fully inspecting my home and then sealing every possible point where a bat could enter the property. They installed several bat exclusion vents/doors around the house. These doors allow bats to safely exit the premises but also prevent them getting back in.
These vents were left in place for a couple of months to enable any or all the bats inside to get out. Ben than returned to remove them and to seal off the aperture.
At the same time Ben once again inspected our home and he was not happy until he was certain that there was absolutely no evidence of any more bats and that we ( his valuable customer - his words not mine ) were also happy with his services and that we had not seen a bat since his workmanship was completed.
In conclusion, the service provided by Ben and his company was second to none, his professionalism , workmanship, confidence combined with his know how and ability to get the job done was so much appreciated and valued by my family and I.
It also saved me a lot of expense related to hotel !
Thank You Benjamin

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