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Roof replacement

Excellent service - they were prompt, efficient and professional.
Overall a very pleasant experience from beginning to end!

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Company Response

Hi Sherene ! thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately you guys were one the unlucky ones that got affected by the windstorm in early May. but luckily we were able to help you out and give you a brand new roof before the winter. Your roof may have lasted 5-10 years longer than it did, but the last roofer did what we call an "over lay", which means they installed shingles on top of shingles. Other than the fact that they used a particular brand of shingles that has been known to have tar strip deficiencies, they also used 1-1/4 inch nails which will failed to go through the double laminate shingle, the old 3 tab shingles and then into the plywood in order for it to properly be fastened to the deck. Its unfortunate that you guys bought a home that had this pre existing issue waiting to happen. 90% of the time a home inspector will not got upon the roof nor would they have the knowledge to locate deficiencies and/or foresee future expenses relating to a lack luster installation before you take possession of your home.

The good news is you now have the color of choice which matches your red brick home and have a roof that will last the test of time with many upgrades in comparison the the previous one. We replaced all your wall/counter flashing with new steel steps and wrapped ice and water shield up the walls, this is important! with these new weather conditions that have been occurring through the past handful of years (snow then rain back to back) water has more of a tenancy to back up the roof slope at times, this will be the best defense.You also have steel valleys, complete synthetic paper and ice and water shield on the complete roof deck, also proper bathroom vents and animal proof attic vents. Not to mention 11000 lbs of garbage off you home!

Thanks for you business, and your patients after signing up, its been a busy year for us.