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Paul Thompson from Toronto
Paul Thompson from Toronto
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Incomplete Job, no permit, out of pocket $6500

Sean the owner said that he would do this work personally himself to which not one day did he ever turn a tool at my house.
Sean sent electricians to our job site and when they gave their business card, there was no license number produced nor could I verify the company which they represented through any type of Google search. The electricians were New Canadians and not everyone spoke english very well.
During Sean's initial visit, he kept referring to Electrical Code encouraging us to add more and more and more outlet plugs which we later found out is NOT required during a renovation. Furthermore, Sean kept claiming "by code" every door opening must have an electrical receptacle within 3 feet. ( Code is actually 7 feet)
Sean kept telling us that he had an inspection somewhere else to do and could not attend the job site and supervise the people on site. To Seans own admission, when challenged after complaining about poor workmanship , one person was not a electrician.
There was always an inspection and inspection and another inspection. It was a great story to try and instill confidence in the customer.
Two months had passed and On-Time Electric DID NOT take out a permit. (This was REQUIRED BY LAW and I had insisted on it for insurance purposes from the beginning.) When it came time for inspection, Sean kept stalling telling me that he had inspections booked for my property however to always resulted in an inspector NOT showing up.
(I had taken three days off work to accommodate this)
In the mean time, Sean kept asking for more money and more money during various times.
Getting wise to this I contacted the ESA (Electrical Safety Association) and found out that indeed NO PERMIT was active and NO INSPECTOR would be showing up. Throughout the whole process over 2 weeks of Sean telling me stories of pending inspections at my house, the ESA was aware of the situation as it was unfolding. I am now involved in the complaint process with ESA to have his Accreditation removed.
I have an incomplete job and I am now required to find an alternative electrician and pay even more money to have this job completed. We are not able to live in the house at this time and therefore incurring extra costs.

When confronting Sean about finishing the job, he was very hostile and threaten to call the Police should I contact him again. I have the whole experience documented and currently working with the ESA on corrective action as well as seeking damages.

I would strongly advise NOT USING this contractor. I am suspect of the positive reviews on this site. If you Google this company you will see that it has very poor reviews 3.1/5. Also, by relation the only positive review is by a person sharing the same last name. My experience on Homestars is identical to the last review submitted.

My story is very similar to another one on here at Homestars. That particular story had not been published before I hired him.

There seems to be an influx of reviews it all happen at the same time that lead me to believe they are bogus. If you search this company on Google they are rated at 3.1 stars with lots of negative
He even answered one of his complaints himself posing as someone else however the last name give it away.

Stay away from this company.
They are very good at looking you in the eye and speaking non-truth.

Oct 26th update:
Inspector has come in for inspection and the Electrial job failed due to infractions and fire hazards. . I have another highly experienced electrical contractor who has now taken over. His remarks are that "this job was done by inexperienced and amateur people."
Some of the basic code regulations aswell as fit and finish is very sloppy. Certainly not worth the money that was paid for this job.

** In the, I paid top dollar for Professional standards with Amateur results. only to have to pay more to fix it **

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