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$793 IN DAMAGES caused by Ecotech and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

I ordered all windows and patio door replacement in late fall 2018 with the goal to install in spring 2019.
And sales, and installation insisted on installing in winter saying it would make no difference. I decided to go with the flow and listen to "professionals". And that is when it all started...
1. MEASUREMENTS: when installation foreman re-measured openings he said that they'd be 1" in each dimension shorter because he needs clearance to put insulation.
In REALITY 2 windows did not require extra space as there was already enough so the final clearance between opening and stud was 3-4" and it is very noticeable that the window is way smaller than it was.

2. INSTALLATION in general: foreman assured that because of winter installation he will be doing one window at a time.
In REALITY: all windows in upper level were removed right away at the outside temperature of -4C and heavy snowfall coming inside the house. Prior to finishing upper level they removed the rest of the windows.

3. ORDER ACCURACY: I order two identical casement windows that would open on the left.
In REALITY the windows I got are opening on the right. I swallowed my dissatisfaction because of #2 - there were no windows left and leaving house with no windows for several weeks in winter was not an option.
Interestingly enough when foreman was taking final measurement I personally asked him to confirm that the new windows would open the way the old ones were and he said they would.

4. WINDOW ASSEMBLY: these two casement windows are opening to the same side.
In REALITY they were installed in such way that I have to roll the handle in opposite directions to operate them!
Window#1 opens by rolling it to the right while window#2 opens by rolling it to the left.

5. CLEANNESS: I was told that all flooring will be protected and indeed they put some cardboard when they arrived. The problem was however that the installation crew did not remain on the protected area but walked all around the house.
When they were noticed that it should not be done one of crew members staying on bare hardwood floor tried to argue until he finally saw that he was not standing on the cardboard.
On top of that as it was promised they used insulation foam in plastic tubes. The caps of the plastic tubes were thrown right on the ground. When I cleaned the area I counted over 20 of them - clearly it was not accident but just the way they do it.

6. TIME ACCURACY: office scheduled the installation for afternoon after 2pm
In REALITY the crew showed up at a bit after 9am catching me barely prepared. I even thought of not letting them in until 2pm but again decided to go with the flow.

7. PROPERTY DAMAGE: the installation was scheduled by the office on the next day after the freezing rain. When I called the office letting them know that the house is covered in ice and snow they answered that that would not be a problem and asked to clear driveway.
In REALITY the crew was not able to climb on the roof over garage to finish installation of the windows. So what they did was they removed the ice.. WITH the parts of shingles.
When I found it I immediately reported to the foreman. I was promised that the office would call me back to resolve the issue. Of course no one called me. Since my roof is new (less than 1 year old) I called the roof contractor who did it and was quoted for $793.
I sent the quote to office - no feedback. Then I drove to the office and hand delivered the quote and the letter. The manager(or owner) read it, acknowledged that he was aware of it, and promised since the damage was caused by crew it would be paid.
Obviously no one paid. I opened case against the company with BBB. Finally I got one response with the offer of $200 because Ecotech believes that the quote was inflated. When I asked to provide contractor who would repair it for that or any other amount of money I got no response.

8. To summarize: Ecotech was not able to take proper measurements; Ecotech was not able to assemble windows properly; Ecotech littered the property; Ecotech was not able to follow the schedule; Ecotech does not respect private property and has no responsibility for any damage they cause.

Do you still want to do business with them?

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