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NB in Burnaby
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Gutter cleaning


I used another gutter cleaning company (from HomeStars), but never really knew if they did a good job. Iouri of Adequate Solutions took pictures so I thought I'd try him.

EXCELLENT WORK. With the pictures, he showed me the section of gutter the other company missed. Also, I paid the other company for new gutter baskets and with Iouri's pictures, it showed they just put the new ones on top of the old ones. This unnecessarily plugged up the whole thing.

Iouri did the work in the morning and it cost $120. I gave him more because I appreciated him telling me what the competition did. The competition charged $185.

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Company Response

Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, we try to be MORE than Adequate, as we feel, that there are many companies and service providers that disconnected from services they provide. Take your gutter basket installation, for example: Not a lot of people realize, that gutter is no different than a kitchen sink, it's there to manage water, and no one (of the people I know), would use double strainer in their sink and expect it to work properly and for extended periods of time. (Like a company that installed those gutter basket for you. even if they want you to have your gutters clean every month, it is still A MONTH. And i doubt that a perspective to clean your gutters 6-8 times a year is very appealing to you? The question that I ask myself every time when I am on a new house, is how can I make existing gutter system MORE EFFICIENT? And my knowledge and understanding of the system allows me to deliver just that. I do treat every property as MY OWN. And make it ADEQUATE to challenges presented on that property.