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Michael O'Brien in Mississauga
Michael O'Brien in Mississauga

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There was a window installation down the street from me, I saw the “ByIntsaller” sign and stopped to talk to the crew installing the windows. The guy I talked to explained that they are installers that buy windows directly from the factory so they can give me a good price if I need windows. I didn’t have much time that day so I asked them to come by next week. They sent Sam to come to my house for an estimate and he explained how they have many years of experience installing windows and gave me a good price for the windows at the front of my house. (I decided not to do the sides and back yet, but when I do I know for sure I will call these guys) I had my windows installed last week and I couldn’t be happier. I am recommending to all my friends and people at work because the installation was so fast and smooth just as promised. Everything was on time and they explained everything really well (I had a lot of questions).

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