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Bev in Brampton
Bev in Brampton
13 reviews BRAMPTON, ON

Granite Countertop and Backsplash installation

Upon purchasing my granite (Sept. 18), I was instructed that a representative from Provincial Granite/Atlas Stone and Tile would need to come out and measure the counters as well as look at the walls to determine if they were straight enough or were going to cause an issue. I was instructed to have the countertop off when the representative came in order for them to check the wall.

Sept. 24 - representative (Joe) came to measure and I was informed by him that the walls were relatively straight and that they should not cause a problem.

Oct. 15 - backsplash installed and was too short; left a large gap between the top of the countertop backsplash and the ceramic tile on the kitchen wall. After installers called office they stated they would replace the granite backsplash with another one. I was told I needed to sign the forms now and pay in full (by credit card). Had installer (Alberto) write this on my contract.

Oct. 22 – Installers (Alberto and Joel) installed new backsplash. Backsplash now has a half inch gap between it and the wall ceramic tile i.e. it is sticking out from the wall by half an inch. Installers stated it was reasonable and to apply a caulking in between and paint it to match. After they left, I looked at it and realized the gap is too large to caulk since the caulking would just fall in behind. Second I could not paint the caulking to match the ceramic on the wall or the granite since both are not solid colours.

Oct. 24 - Spoke with Sales Repr. (Frank) and he said he received a different story and would like installers on the call. Also suggested I research this issue and would determine that he was correct. When he called back at approx. 6 p.m. we tried to discuss the matter but were unsuccessful in agreeing on a solution. There were eventually 4 people on the call from Provincial Granite (Frank, Joe, Alberto and Joel) and myself. At times they were talking over one another and myself. The discussion deteriorated to the point of derogatory comments being made about me. Joe was crude and then stated “I didn’t know who I was dealing with”. Shortly after this statement they hung up the phone on me.

The solutions they had suggested; caulk the area and paint it, pay a contractor to remove my ceramic tile/build out the wall or just live with it are not acceptable answers. I do not believe I should be paying someone to move out part of my wall to accommodate the poor installation of the backsplash (the first installation that was too short did not have this gap). Creating an eye sore with the caulking is also not a reasonable alternative either. After paying $2,938 I do not believe just living with it is an acceptable alternative. If this was going to be an issue, why was this not discussed prior to the contract or during the measurement? Why did the first backsplash fit much better against the wall and not have a large gap at the wall? If my wall is so crooked, why did it not affect the first installation? Why when I researched the issue did it state directly that a ½ inch gap was not acceptable and the installer should correct it?

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Company Response

Bev, yes we did measure for your countertops, yes we installed a 3`backsplash as well. We were not contracted to complete a kitchen renovation. The extent of our work was the granite. We cannot be responsible for out of square walls which is the case in your house, you also signed our contract agreement which states all of this clearly. As we discussed for a long period of time during our conference call, ``GRANITE DOES NOT BEND`` which we tried to explain to you. My installers also educated you at the time of installation and you were aware of your out of square wall issues. To answer your question about the original was measured perfectly, but the installers did want to install the 3/4`build up under your countertop to save you from seeing the wood strip(issue related to your cabinets), this in turn left the original backsplash 3/4" shorter (this may be to technical for you to understand but we did try to explain this to you as well on the phone). We automatically made you a larger backsplash to fit the proper height. in conclusion, the cause for your gaps, is out of square walls which we cannot fix...once again this complaint has NOTHING to do with the granite or the quality of workmanship, it is 100% related to the walls in your house. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions regarding the granite and the workmanship.