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This company was helpful during the repair but once all was paid for I still had the same problem and there was not alot of cooperation to help fix the problem.

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Company Response

This is a complicated problem that I gave the customer 3 different resolutions including a full refund of the $150 that I charged for the repair (not $300 as indicated in the review), I have not yet even cashed the cheque that they used to pay for the service.

Please read on for a full explanation of what happened.

This user had 2 major issues, the first complaint was that the screen would go blank, the 2nd was that it was very difficult to even turn the computer on. I experienced the not turning on issue while diagnosing the problem and suggested that replacement of the main board would fix both issues and felt very strong that it would, but since the computer would not even turn on I couldn't do a 100% positive diagnosis on the issue with the screen. I discussed alternative ways to use the laptop like hooking up an external monitor and they had one there on site. I ordered and installed an entirely new bottom half of the laptop including keyboard, mouse, and main board and installed it, when I turned it on everything worked (witnessed by staff that was there) and I had the computer on for about 30 minutes without issue.

The next day I got a call saying the screen would go blank again after a few minutes of use (but no issue at all with turning on the power any more). I gave the customer 3 different options on how I could help resolve the issue including a FULL REFUND of the $150 I charged for the parts and service (not the $300 that is indicated in the review), I have yet to hear back from them on their final decision.

The review was submitted 24 hours after I completed the work, right after I had explained that the 3 options to them including the full refund.