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The pictures attached are taken with my cell phone with no filters or any special lighting. These pictures are exact representations of what I have to see every day. Pete refuses to acknowledge his mistakes and rectify this situation by reimbursing us half of our money back so we can get the backyard re-done by another company. He collected payment for his "completed" work on May 26, 2018 and continued to do patchwork until the first week of June 2018.

If Pete's work was even half as good as his talk we would be happy customers. Unfortunately, he fails to deliver in our opinion. We spent over $13, 000 with Pete’s Concrete in May 2018 and we are completely dissatisfied with the work.

- We spent over $13,000 of our hard earned money on new concrete that is flush with various problems.
- The slope is not correct in many areas and water pools by the house. The first incorrect slope by the house we complained about, Pete fixed by putting a groove that did not work and without asking for our permission, he patched it up with grout.
- This grout patch work looks terrible and does not go unnoticed by those visiting our house. We have been told by other concrete experts that the grout patches will not last. Pete insists they are 100x stronger than concrete but they are already deteriorating.
- There are numerous holes close to the house, numerous puddles where water pools by the house and he patched all the deficiencies with grout.
- Cracks showed up 2 weeks after the pour. Now these cracks have exceeded 0.5mm in width, which his contract agreement guarantees. This remains unaddressed and unacknowledged by Pete. (He also blamed his concrete supplier for the issues with the cracks).
- There is a piece of rebar sticking out and not covered properly during the pour.

On a personal note, in 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer and have had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy and missed a lot of work. It took us years to save up to do this project and we were very excited about having it done. We are so disappointed this is how it turned out. This situation has caused us so much stress. Also, Pete left us with a messy yard and he took our front and back gates off and never put them back on. There are honestly at least 10 more complaints we could make, but don’t want the review to go on too long. We think you get the picture…

We would NEVER RECOMMEND Pete to anyone!!!

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