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Will in Cabbagetown
Will in Cabbagetown
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Snow Removal

A dreadful mistake. Get a teenager with a shovel and you'll have a lot less grief.

They have committed multiple breaches of contract that have lead to health & safety issues for our residents and property.

1. For the spring contract, he agreed to clear the weeds off our property and only after multiple photos and phone calls this was done.
2. He agreed to provide photos after each snow clearing, he did not do this. After multiple requests (which were beyond rude and condescending) a photo was provided which showed one part of the walk shoveled while ignoring others.
3. He agreed to shovel and salt the city sidewalk, he did no do this.
4. He agreed to shovel the parking lot, he did not do this.
5. He agreed to shovel a path to our laundry room, he did not do this and claimed a "locked gate" prevented him from doing so. This is false as he was provided the numeric code.

They will provide you with a very pretty contract that makes you think that he is going to do everything he says under the guise of being a reputable company.

On informing Gus of all of these problems it's always an excuse, when we informed him that it was game over he reverts to threatening collections. That's fine. Many years of small claims court experience here.

So to those reading this, you can now decide if you want to engage this process over some snow or just move along....

Edit: And now he's threatening to sue over the review. Stay tuned!

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Company Response

Fortunately in all our years in service we have never encountered a customer like this before. They have written slanderous comments about our company on numerous websites and have gone out of their way to try to hurt our business, all because they wanted out of their snow removal contract when there wasn't much of a snowfall that year. From what we've learned they go to small claims court a lot and have done damage to other businesses. These property owners engaged our services for the summer, as they say, and they were pleased with the service, otherwise why engage us for the winter snow removal service as well! It was only after they started arguing their snow removal contract that these reviews appeared that are complete misrepresentations of the facts. It seems they are used to bullying companies in this way and we are fighting this to maintain our good name and reputation, as many of our great reviews can attest to."