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I didn't much like this process at End of the Roll. I wanted a piece of patterned berber carpet cut and bound with a wide fabric tape for about 9x10 (I had specific measurements). A big box store told me they didn't do this service, and I checked one more who said the same. I went to End of the Roll who did this and picked a carpet based on durability, style and colour - and the tape colour I wanted. Turns out that this carpet is anything but discount (they are supposed to be a discount place) and the cost was way higher per foot than the big box guys. I went ahead and had to buy the standard roll size for the length I wanted, it needed to be shipped from the US (I opted to have it added to another shipment so I would wait a bit longer but I would save money), then it needed to go to be cut and bound locally. I had to follow up multiple times to find when it was coming. When it did come, the binders went out of business and the company wanted me to get the cheap synthetic binding - I said no and they had to source a new binder (they honoured my original quote for the binding cost). Then I had to go and choose a new binding colour. One day I was there, the people couldn't find my purchase order to tell me what was happening. Then there was the visit to pick up my carpet. My carpet is beautiful and the highest level of stain repellent ... the binding and shades are spot on.

I had to follow up a great deal (phone/ e-mail/ in person) to get this order completed and it still took ages (3+ months). The owner/manager has integrity, but the whole process was a hassle. The cost for this little project escalated to more than I wanted to spend - and the time/effort was high for such a little thing. Also - look I don't want to be petty - but there really was an awful BO smell in the place that made it very hard to shop there.

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