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Shirley from Little Britain
Shirley from Little Britain
1 review Little Britain, ON

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Basement renovation

We had a basement renovation done. Expected time was 4 weeks. It went to 13 weeks and we finally said 'enough is enough, please leave', after he denied promising to return at an appointed date to finish up all the work. Since then, we have had to hire other contractors to complete the unfinished work. They discovered plumbingthat was not to code, poor workmanship ... I.e. new walls that are crooked. Tile that was installed, cracked. Dave walker rarely put in a full day, took hour plus long lunches off site and left soon after 4. Today we had a leak show in our ceiling after a pipe he capped but did not solder came loose. We have had to cut the sodden drywall out and now face a repair job to patch it all up. The door framing has been an issue since consideration of trim wasn't made when placing them. Now we have to rip the trim to make it work and the door looks peculiar as a result. The coax cable for the TV isn't working and so must have been nailed through or disconnected when the drywall went up. Now we need to call Bell out to fix that. The screen door was damaged, and never fixed. The floor was laid on an uneven base, so the baseboards don't fit properly. This contractor put our family through 13 weeks of mess where our closet contents were on our dining table and we had to sleep in our kids beds. He had no concern for the way we had to live through those weeks - no bed, no closet, no dining area.... Unfortunately we hired him through word of mouth and didn't verify his previous work with anyone else. We are now living to regret that decision. His communication is dire, often not responding to text messages, being unavailable via phone and saying things that were not true. He is forgetful and unreliable. We do not recommend you use him.

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