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The original garage door that was installed in my new house had water coming in. I had a seal put on it and a small hump that was installed. For 10 years I didn’t have water coming in. The garage door didn’t work as well anymore so I decided to get a new one.
I ordered a garage door from this company in Nov 2016, I was told that it would take 4-6 weeks. It was received end of March 2017. They finally were available to install first week of April. One of the workers came to do my capping and stated that the door didn’t appear even and I will have water possible coming in, he sad to let the boss know as soon as possible as he doesn’t get around to things quick enough.
They were supposed to come back on several occasions to finish my caulking, but always ran out of the material.
I did contact the owner Joe, he stated that it was the hump in a condensing manner, I argued that in the past that is what corrected the problem. There also wasn’t a seal at the bottom of the door. He told me I don’t need one and I should removed the hump. Brfire ordering I asked if water would leak in and he insisted it wouldn’t. Now that it did, he said he never guaranteed that, I’m not sure why someone would order a door to have water leak in and damage property.
I asked if he will pay for the hump again or the seal. He stated if the seal blocks the water he will.
Long story short, it’s Nov 2017. I am still waiting for him to finish the caulking. He stated that CHI doors would void the warranty if I put in a seal called the tsunami with another door company. This wasn’t true. They didn’t understand why he would said that as it isn’t attached to the door. Joe said he wouldn’t come back to finish my caulking until I get the company to put in the seal and he “inspects” it.
I paid him in full the first day, because I felt I could trust him with all the great reviews.
Having no leverage he didn’t finish the job. The water is rotting my garage and I have to call in someone to fix that as well.
Now that the hump was removed he stated I should deal with the CHI doors that said that. Shifting the blame now that he’s wrong. And the Company is US based who refers you back to the Canadian contact!

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Company Response

As we discussed prior, your door had standing water and that is not a good thing and would void your warranty, there was never any mention of a tsunami seal neither had you requested that from us but to my knowledge it is not available from CHI as an option so we do not offer it. What would and will void your warranty was the insistence on keeping a concrete hump that keeps standing water in front of the garage door and not allowing it to wash away normally. Garage doors are not 100% water tight as you were told so the next course of action is for you to call the manufacturer as we requested you do. You falsified what was told to you and we DID return on numerous occasions both to balance the door and to apply more caulking along the Bottom to try and minimize water penetration. Understand that there is not a solid stop as a window or an entry door it is simply pressure from the rubber to the floor of the garage and unfortunately in your case that's not enough to stop the water. Once again we will act on any request by the manufacturer to try and help the issue you're having. We also have a posted video of the standing water problem you have that we cannot fix for you. There is in fact a seal at the bottom, side and top of your door. We went to the extent of adding extra caulking to try and prevent the issue to the point that water would just sit for prolonged periods of time in front of the garage. What your actual issue is your North facing home and Mother Nature as well as the cement grade on your garage. We have exhausted all options with you at the moment and there's nothing further we can do. As I said previously and will reiterate, we will act on any recommendations from the manufacturer. Anyone that would like to see the video of your door can visit our Instagram page at jr_management_group and see for themselves what the issue is.

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