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Awful Home Inspection!

We had a home inspection done in 2012 by AGHI as recommended by our realtor. The initial thought was good as Brian went through the house relatively thoroughly. The report that came with it was extensive, though about 90% of the report were pre-written, and every customer gets the same thing. The problem came when we had a friend and contractor to check out the house before closing for some painting work. During the walk through, he noticed 80% of the marble tiles in the shower stall and bathroom are loose, something that Brian should have picked up easily, but did not obviously. By chance, our realtor's husband is a marble tiler. After we had him come by as well to take a look, he said the same thing. Loose tiles are easily detected by knocking on the tiles. At this point, we had already waived the conditions on our offer, so we cannot ask the seller/vendor to reimburse the cost of fixing the bathroom. We contacted AGHI/Brian with a complaint, which took days to get a hold of him. Once we got a hold of him, he did come back to take a look, but did not say anything throughout the entire second visit and only took pictures of the marble tiles. The resulting conclusion from Brian and AGHI was that they did nothing wrong and had provided the inspection service as described. All Brian and the report had mentioned was that the tiles need additional caulking. Caulking cannot fix the loose tiles! There was no apologies or any other compensations or gestures for such an oversight. These loose tiles ended up having to be completely removed and reattached. They were so loose that only 2 of the marble tiles were broken and rest can be reused! The tiles were easily removed with a suction cup device available from the local hardware store. The cost to remove the tiles and reattach = $2,600. AGHI should be reassessed by the licensing body to see if they are fit to continue offering home inspection service.

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