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Damage to home and no response from management

In Ottawa, Comfort Insulation is the company that Costco uses for insulation services. After collecting several quotes, I chose to use this company due to the reasonable quote and prompt replies with information from John, the representative that I was dealing with. This all changed as soon as I signed the contract and handed over my cheque for the work.

When I asked how soon the work could be completed, John assured me that the company is large and deals with many large builders so they have a big crew and work could be carried out very soon. I had squired damage in my attic, so needed all the insulation removed and venting checked and replaced, both outside venting and bathroom venting should it be found that there was damage, prior to new insulation being installed. I asked John if venting damage repair was included in the quote or needed to be added on, because the quote wasn't very descriptive. He assured me that they take care of all of that and there was nothing to worry about. I had another family member there that day who also heard this confirmation.

This is when the problems began and I realized this company just deals in deceit. John told me that I would receive a phone call within two business days to set up the appointment for the removal and also to have someone come to check the vents. I didn't receive any call. I phoned back in three days to ensure that my paperwork wasn't lost and was told they needed to find a date that worked for their vent person. In the end, it took over two weeks to make an appointment, despite me not requesting the work to be done for a month after signing the contract. This is a far cry from the 'anytime that works for you' assurance John was giving me. It was only after I told John that if it wasn't booked by the end of the next day, I wanted my money returned that anything was actually done.

I booked my removal for a Friday, venting for Saturday, and reinsulation on a Monday (keeping time in between to check electrical). The woman on the phone told me it would take a day to remove, and I was booked for 8-4. At 8:30 nobody was there. I phone and was told that they don't leave the shop until 8, and would be there "sometime before 4"! When I explained that this wasn't what I was told I was basically told I was wrong and they would never say that. I was told I was the first client of the day and they should be there around 9:30-10. At 11:30 when I phoned and said nobody had come yet, I was told they were held up at a previous job. How is that possible if I was the first client of the day? In the end they didn't come until 12:30. I left a message for the manager but was told she wouldn't be in the office until Monday.

When the crew arrived I asked the first man to enter the house how he was doing, and was told "Not good, I really hate these types of jobs"! Not a great representation for the company and start to a job. I left a family member at the house and went to do errands. When I came back it was after 4:30 and dark, and they were just leaving as I came back. The house smelled like burning plastic, and my father told me they dropped a light on a plastic tarp and melted it. They also dropped debris from the attic onto the carpet below and were leaving it. After my father told them to clean this mess up they said they didn't have a vacuum and had to use mine. I then found lots of insulation on my front porch and in my garden. There was a bathroom vent hanging from my ceiling and we found a shingle off my roof under where they bring the hose in through the upstairs window to suck out the old insulation.

I told John of this damage on Saturday morning, and was just told to call the main office on Monday. Nothing would be done. It was raining and I have damage to my roof. No apologies or any help from John whatsoever. The person arrived to do the work on the vents, but we were told that he was only inspecting them and he would not be working on them as the company wasn't paying him for work. This is directly contrasting what I was told by John would be done. I purposefully ensured that the contract would include any fixing to the vents, as I knew they could be damaged by squirrels. Why would a company send someone to 'inspect' vents but not do anything about damage? This is something that must be fixed before reinsulating! The vent person said they would discuss with John and get back to me the next day. I received a phone call the following day to be told that John is insisting the vent work would not be paid for. The man told me he sympathizes but would not work for free. He felt bad enough he agreed to come that day to at least run new pipes but not do any work on the outside venting part until he received extra pay. I had to wait at home all Sunday for him to come and do this.

Monday morning comes and I leave another message with the manager Cher. So this is two messages and no reply. The men arrive and reinsulate, but I have no information on if and when they will fix the vents, or even if they protected the opening that were left while re-insulating. I have contacted Costco who assured me they would do their best to deal with this company, but at this point I have no proper bathroom venting in place and a shingle off my roof with no information on if/when this will be fixed. Management is absent and just doesn't care, and the sales representative will not assist you after taking your cheque.

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