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melissa_marshall in Scarborough
melissa_marshall in Scarborough
4 reviews Toronto, ON

Premium price without quality

This company will sell you a premium priced product that is not structurally sound (sags), did not provide required assembly hardware, did not provide installation or assembly instructions and will send rude staff without a mask into your home to not offer solutions.

Through our designer we purchased a custom vanity from Evan kitchen cabinets for our master bathroom.

When we were ready for delivery, we were advised that the company currently not offering installation due to Covid-19, but the unit was complete and they would deliver to the garage.

At this point we'd been without our master bathroom for over a month as we had started the tear-down before the shutdown. We had to find a way to move things forward, so my designer and contractor discussed and determined that the contractor would assemble and install the vanity (the contractor is very skilled and has been doing this for well over 40 years). At no point during the discussion about delivery did they suggest that this vanity may be difficult and recommend we wait for them to install.

When the vanity was delivered they provided no instructions or hardware. When my contractor started assembly he had to go back to Evans several times for clarifications and to request hardware. This required several trips to the manufacturer to pick up supplies.

Once the counter was installed on top it was noted that the middle of the vanity was sagging and my contractor put in a temporary leg to hold it up. The drawers were all misaligned so we asked them to come to adjust them (they were now allowing staff inside homes).

The person they sent to my home showed up without a mask and upon greeting us rudely said “what’s wrong with the vanity”. I explained the issue and he asked if it was screwed to the wall. I advised I didn’t know as the contractor did it. I got our contractor on the phone so that they could discuss. The person from the cabinet place waived me off and basically refused to talk to the contractor.

After the guy from Evans kitchen cabinets looked at it, I was told that legs (that were not provided) should have been installed at the back of the unit and unlike a typical vanity, it should have been screwed to the wall all the way down the back not just the top (at the top is industry norm). His only suggestion to fix it would be to take the counter off, and redo the whole thing (plumbing, fix the wall, the whole 9 yards. Not an option now (or a very expensive one).

We discussed with my contractor and he is going to bring in air bags to raise the unit, add legs and secure it. We advised Evans of this much less expensive plan and requested that they cover the cost of these repairs. They have indicated they are not responsible for installation and will not cover these additional expenses, essentially washed their hands of the whole situation.

At many times during this transaction Evans could have done several things that could have avoided this problem including: saying they recommend they do installation, provided installation instructions or a call with our contractor, at a minimum flag that this installation would be different from standard, provided all the parts necessary for installation the first time delivery, but nope! Instead they sent someone to our home without a mask who was rude and dismissive and have taken no responsibility for the fact they charged us for a premium vanity that was not able to hold the weight of a counter top and taken no responsibility for their product quality or complete lack of service. We would have been better off going to Ikea

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Company Response

Hi Melissa, I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with our company. Our team at Evan Kitchen Cabinets is most reputable for our thoroughness, our exceptional work quality and our craftsmanship. However, I believe that it is important to express another perspective to this story. Unfortunately, I am certain that this case was a matter of a lot of miscommunication, as some of the claims you made did not come from us, but instead, directly from your designer/contractor. This is something that does happen when working through others and not directly communicating with our team. The only direction given to us from your Designer was to manufacture the vanity. They clearly indicated that they wanted to take care of the installation. That being said, the moment the vanity was delivered, our job was completed. It is extremely shocking that your contractor with over 40 years of experience struggled this much with a small vanity! Not to mention we also explained when vanity was delivered how to easily install. Regardless, if you would like to go more in depth and discuss this matter further, I am willing to speak with you and do my best to sort this out in the best way possible.
My phone number is (416)-918-0712.
Thank you.