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Carlos in Ajax
Carlos in Ajax
6 reviews Ajax, ON

Good Shutters, Bad Experience

Just wanted to take a moment and provide my review of this company, and my experience of working with Mike, the owner, in the hopes of helping other consumers make an informed decision and continue to gain value from using HomeStars in their decision-making process.

Working with Mike was, unfortunately for us, a negative experience. To my Mike's credit, he was punctual and the shutters he sold us were good enough (only time will tell if they are as good as Mike says). However, I found Mike to be a bit unprofessional as he showed up unprepared having forgotten his paperwork (for which shutters went where), requesting to use my drill (as his drills were low on battery), and even getting the measurements wrong for our kitchen window, not once, but twice. It took Mike three tries and three visits to get it right, which resulted in a lot of stress, wasted time, and inconvenience to us as consumers.

It is because of this negative experience that I cannot recommend Mike. I can only learn from this experience and caution fellow HomeStars users as they consider who to work with. HomeStars has been an excellent resource for us as we have successfully hired three contractors to work in our home since moving in three months ago. Mike would have been the fourth. Unfortunately for us, he wasn't.

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Company Response

Id like to respond to this review ,,, unfortunately mistakes happen plain and simple ..
i try to do my best to satisfy and impress every customer every time..
with this particular customer, a Measurement was misread when the lumber was being cut although i took the measurements correctly.
Upon installation i noticed that the shutter in the kitchen was incorrectly made so i took the shutter back , remade a new one and was back at the customers house 3 or 4 days later. Usually it takes 2 weeks to make new shutters .
Once back at the customers house to finish the job , again the measurements were wrong .. no explanation it just happened i guess because i rushed the remake .
I left the shutters there and went back to the shop and recut the wood myself to remake the shutter for a third time
A few days later i went back and the shutter fit perfectly as did the rest of the shutters in the house . I did not refuse to remake them and it didn't take me weeks or months to go back ,, it took me a few days ! The customer seemed to be happy with the end result but was very upset because of the two extra trips i made ..
he insisted in keeping the shutters that were measured incorrectly where i wanted to take them back to reuse at least as samples but the customer insisted in keeping them .
i didn't want to argue with him as i felt guilty for the extra trips . He had other windows upstairs which I assume he used the shutters there .. lol he got a free set of shutters worth $400 no problem,, lol , he didnt even thank me .
Although mistakes happen and we all know that no ones perfect ,,, the important thing is that when a mistake is made it is rectified asap !!
I must admit ,, i have made similar mistakes in measuring or the workers at the plant may misread a measurement but every time this has happened it was always rectified immediately leaving all customers extremely happy with our efforts except for this particular customer..
i am shocked that I received this review .. as the customer did admit that that quality of shutters was really good !
Not to mention i left him with a set of shutters free of charge ..
when ever a mistake is made i will always ask my customer for a chance to make things right !! We always make things right and in a timely manner .This is what I've accomplished in this situation.

Thank u to those who have taken the time to read my response.

Mike Marsilla
M3 Design Group