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Alice  in Nepean
Alice in Nepean
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Safari charged me about $1200 for clearing a blocked toilet drain in a condo terrace home

Safari Plumbing Ltd.
69 Evergreen Drive
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I noted some customers described Safari charges higher price / their bad experiences with Safari. I add my bad dealings with Safari that occurred a while ago, what I learnt from it so far and my recently-acquired knowledge of handling it. Safari got my credit card number beforehand and charged me about $1200 for clearing a blocked toilet drain in a condo terrace home. I had no plumbing knowledge and Safari was the 1st plumber I used. Safari plumber persuaded me to agree his work under his recommended Safari 1st option-snake through that he said would fix the blockage problem 99% of the time and would cost me about $300 including its $49 service fee and it's a good deal. But 20 minutes later, he asked me to go up to Safari 2nd option-toilet removal that cost me $1017 plus $49 service fee. I questioned Safari plumber that I relied/trusted his recommendation of the 1st option and had he told me in advance the 2nd option would cost me that much or recommended/quoted the 2nd option prior to the work, I definitely wouldn’t have agreed to his doing any work regardless it’s 1st or 2nd option and would have another plumber check the problem for a quote. As he didn't fix the problem, I asked if I disagreed with upgrading to Safari 2nd option, whether he’d only charge me $49 service fee. He firmly said if I disagreed, he’d leave and still charge me $300 1st option price even if he didn’t fix the problem, which I felt he held me to ransom. Under such pressure and in desperation, I had to agree to and pay $1200 for Safari 2nd option to clear the toilet drain.

3 months later, the same toilet backed up again. Water went down to lower unit house. I informed neighbour and condo property manager that I just paid Safari $1200 to fix backup problems. Shocked by such a high price, the property manager recommended Canada Plumbing Inc for a 2nd opinion. I described to Canada Plumbing and sent them Safari’s invoice that also described what Safar did. I understood then Safari would recommend its 1st option even if knowing it wouldn’t fix the problem and then ask customers to and customers usually have to go up to its 2nd option as Safari still charges its 1st option work if customers don’t accept its 2nd option. I knew then based on the problem description/onsite inspection, a slightly-experienced plumber would go straight with the work under Safari 2nd option and quote accordingly. I asked how much Canada Plumbing would charge for the same work done by Safari and they’d charge me $595 stated in writing.

Canada Plumbing was professional and advised me to contact Safari first as had I hired them, they’d have owed me a duty to check what caused toilet backups just 3 months after they’d fixed it. So I called Safari again. Mr. Sparling came for 5 minutes, said no toilet backups and would charge $49 service fee. I asked him what caused the toilet backups. He said he didn't know but insisted on charging $49 and would send it to collection agency for collection if I refused to pay. I reasoned with him I already paid him almost $1200 and for $49, I’d pay but I felt it’s unfair he charged the fee but couldn't tell me what might cause the backups. I asked him for an invoice and I’d pay. I mentioned I never dealt with plumbers and Safari was the 1st plumber I hired and based on what I got from another company, Safari excessively overcharged me. Mr. Sparling was very angry saying he wouldn’t charge the $49 and told me to never call them again and hung up on me.

I had no knowledge on how to handle such situation that Safari excessively overcharged me and feeling being held to ransom, I agreed its 2nd option work under pressure. Recently, I found out that information/process on the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services website also govern plumbing services; I can and did write to Mr. Sparling 3 emails with Safari invoice and Canada Plumbing written quote for the same work done by Safari attached to resolve the overcharge. He ignored me and never responded

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Company Response

Thank you for your comment. It did take us a while to locate your invoice and file as the work you are referring to took place in 2017. I am sorry that you feel this way. The plumber, while he was there, communicated with you by telephone. He gave you a quote prior to starting the work, you agreed to the quote, he communicated with you throughout the work, and you paid upon completion of the work. I can assure you that you were not overcharged. I wish you very well in the future. David Sparling