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Joel from Burlington
Joel from Burlington
4 reviews Burlington, ON

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Worst Service - Do Not Buy Here

This company provides the worst service and treat customers with disrespect. To make a very long story short, I paid over $5000 for 2 small wall mount custom vanities and 1 countertop from this company and experienced nothing but problems. Additionally, they thought it was acceptable to humiliate a customer when trying to resolve the issues. The sales rep (Lara) constantly made false claims and accusations. For one of the vanities Lara told me they could make a custom vanity in the style I wanted but then fabricated something very different without consulting me. Only after giving them $2700 and taking delivery of the boxed vanity did she tell me it couldn’t be done. Then she had the nerve to say, “Custom orders are final sale, check your invoice”. Instead of taking any responsibility her response was “you don’t listen”, and “you must be someone that likes to argue”. When the owner (John) got involved he employed bully tactics by constantly yelling over me while I was speaking. When I asked him if we could be handle this in a civilized fashion he said, “I used to be nice to people and got taken advantage of so now I am not nice anymore”. At one point he told me “you have nothing better to do than complain and give me a heart attack”. John was always too busy to deal with the issue. His favourite line was “I’ll call you back tomorrow” and never did. The initial transaction should have taken 3 weeks from sale to delivery, if they delivered what was promised. After a month of negotiating a settlement to exchange the vanities and waiting another 3 months for the replacement vanity to arrive they changed the deal the day before pick-up and demanded I pay another $500 to get the replacement vanity. Considering I have been living without a working bathroom vanity for 5 months now, and invested all this time and money and frustration, I had no other option but to surrender to their demands and move on. I completely regret buying from this company and recommend you don't either.

Update: Company response just proves my point. Accusing a customer of blackmail and making up their own stories in an attempt to save their reputation. Unreal. You be the judge.

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Company Response

We are a company with 5 showroom and in bathroom & kitchen business for 30 years, with a huge reputation in market.
Mr. Joel was constantly changing his mind every now and then. He wanted Fairmont vanities and was not ready to wait for 4 months. He was informed from day one that we cannot copy, but can custom similar vanities. Also, he was informed in the very beginning that custom vanities are final sale.
Mr. Joel accepted custom vanity and installed with the help of a handyman who damaged the vanity. Which proves that he was completely happy and satisfied with the vanity.
Mr. Joel asked John for a favour to correct the wrong installation. John visited him and corrected the wrong installation of vanity by the handyman free of charge as a good gesture.
Two weeks later the same story was repeated for the second vanity.
Later he changed his mind and wanted the fairmont vanities, we have an exceptional customer service and we agreed to take back the already installed custom vanity provided he agrees, to the request to repair the damages done by his handyman, and to make the custom vanities into a saleable condition what he did not do. The fairmont vanities were supplied to him at cost price.
The reason for this bad review is that Mr. Joel was blackmailing John to give him money back for repairs charged for the custom vanity to make it in saleble condition.