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Shower Remodel

Benner Plumbing & Heating Ltd
4528 Edmonton Trail NE
T2E 3V8

We had a large tiled shower stall with a cracked base, and we hired Benner Plumbing to tear out the old shower stall, replace the pan, put in aqua board, put a light in the shower, and retile.

Their designer/estimator was very pleasant to deal with.

The company did the work in a timely manner.

The shower looks lovely and is once again functional. Putting in lighter tiles and a light in the shower made it much brighter and more pleasant to use.

There was some confusion about the trim tiles, however, as the colour of the ones I chose from the sample, which were suggested by the designer/estimator, did not look right in the bathroom, even though they looked nice against the main tiles. The company did not exchange the trim tiles, and I ended up having to go out and purchase more suitable ones (in terms of colour) at my own expense (in addition to what I was paying the company). The result is worth it, but this was a minor annoyance.

Also, there was a miscommunication regarding the step/threshold piece. The installer started tiling it, even though Ruth and I had discussed putting in a single piece of granite similar to our countertops. However, after I pointed this out, the error was rectified, and I'm very satisfied with the result, although it did delay completion of the project somewhat.

There was also an issue with chunks of grout in the drain which, a few weeks later, caused the drain to clog. The company came and cleared the drain at their expense.

Finally, the company installed a showerhead that would not have been my choice, and, in fact, is far more expensive than the one I would have preferred. They offered to remove it, but did not offer any compensation for the difference in price. I opted to keep it, under the circumstance, but I wish I had been offered the choice at the beginning and, perhaps, would have been able to lower the costs somewhat by choosing a less expensive showerhead.

However, all these issues are minor in light of the overall experience and results. The final result is beautiful, and the company responded promptly to any concerns I expressed. I would use this company again, but I would request a more detailed quote (with all the materials specified in detail on it).

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