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Freddie in Toronto
Freddie in Toronto
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I hired maid for you to clean my home twice. I regularly use a cleaning service (twice a month) but was in need of a new company. My 4 level 3 bedroom split house is always 5 hours to clean.

I wasn't thrilled with the service the first time, many surfaces like all my bedside tables and coffee tables were not wiped down, but it was their first time and I gave them the benefit and decided to give them a second try while I was on vacation.
My husband was there to let the cleaning person in and instructed him to not clean 2 bedrooms out of 3 upstairs and the two basement levels (which is a little more than half my house).

When I got home I did indeed find that only half the house cleaned so expected the bill to reflect that. I was very shocked to find I was charged for the full 5 hours on my credit card.
I called in the morning to discuss this as it was obviously an error. There was no way it took the same amount of time to clean half a house as it does a full house.
The lady I spoke to (the owner) was beyond rude. She kept cutting me off mid sentence. Would not let me explain. She kept saying "we did what your husband told us". Which had nothing to do with what I was saying. I totally understand my husband said to not clean the 2 bedrooms and the basement, but there's no way it took 5 hours to clean 600 square feet!
When I asked her to please let me finish explaining she very rudely demanded "no you listen to me". To which I said no I will not, I will be contacting homestars and my credit card company.

Now i see why the first woman who cleaned my home said she was a very rude person after she had used my cell phone to call into the office when she was done.

I will never ever use this company again and I strongly urge BUYER BEWARE!! They only want to get the most hours possible. I would be very Leary in having them bill if you are not there to see them come and leave. I will also be making a complaint with the better business bureau as they cannot bill me for more hours than what has been worked!

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Company Response

As this client is aware, appointments are booked for a set period of time and the onus is on the client to make changes to the time they have reserved. The husband spoke with the office staff on the morning of service and indicated he was aware of the time and confirmed his desire to not have two of the bedrooms cleaned but a through general cleaning of the rest of the house. More than a week later the wife called screaming into the phone about her house not being cleaned and demanding all of her money back. Difficult at first to even determine who she was because of her behavior. She was exceedingly rude and demeaning to the staff member on the phone and was asked several times to stop yelling. This client was called the day following service as we do with all clients. There was no return call from the client ontil her very rude demanding call mentioned above. A house will not look as clean after almost two weeks as it did the day it was cleaned. The client has indicated she will not pay for the service even though she did receive what she asked for and what was confirmed by her husband. Some clients simply want something for nothing and are not capable of addressing concerns in a mature constructive way. When they do make complaints they also tend to do so under an assumed name, as is the case here. I would advise other companies to be very wary serving this individual. We were asked to take down our original response because it included this individuals real name and that is not allowed. We stand by our response and are appalled at her blatant misrepresentation and at her personal and defamatory comments about our staff being allowed in the review.