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Scott from Kingston
Scott from Kingston
1 review Kingston, ON

Hot Tub & Pool

I bought a hot tub from this company in March 2014. I'm not upset with the product, as I understand things go wrong with new equipment. What I will comment on is the "superb" customer service that I've received;

I've had 3x house calls for the tub itself, as both pumps, some fuses, and the waterproof panelling have gone on it. Everytime it goes down, I now anticipate at least a month worth of waiting time. After reading the other reviews, I'm assuming their standard response when YOU have to follow up with them is "Sorry, we've ordered the wrong part and will get back to you." This has been the case all three times.

Furthermore, I would understand requesting a deposit if I did not purchase the tub from St Lawrence Pools in Kingston, however this is the case. Every time I call, I need to explain to them that it is still on warranty and they require follow up phone calls for this.

With work, I'm not home very often to enjoy the tub. As it stands, I've spend 4 months in Kingston since I've owned it. Two full months of this, something has been wrong with it. If I could, at this point, return it I would.

Lastly, I requested a quote to replace an above ground pool that the previous owner had ruined quite extensively. Upon receiving the quote, my eyes buldged out of my head at the just under $2000 in total removal fees. Since then, I've gone with another company and will have saved over $4500 on this project.

Until something changes, I will continue to actively disuade anyone I care about from buying through St Lawrence Pools, Kingston.



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Company Response

Since Scott's original review, we have been in contact with him. He met with the owner of the company to discuss in person. Scott left a satisfied customer and is continuing to do business with St. Lawrence Pools. If fact, there are talks about purchasing another large ticket item in the spring. One of the most important values of St. Lawrence Pools is customer service and we strive to make every customer interaction a success!