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Elwin from Vaughan
Elwin from Vaughan
38 reviews Vaughan, ON

Exterior Shed

Renaissance Painters painted our exterior shed including the double doors and standard window with flower box.

I'm happy with their quality work. And they will willing to come back and fix/touch-up the couple of spots at the window that were required.

I am happy with the work so I would likely use them again.

I'm happy with Jason's (the owner) willingness to discuss feedback. We had a couple of e-mails back and forth along with at least two conference calls. This feedback was initiated when they asked me for a Homestars reference.

Based upon this feedback, I think they will get better with the things that we did not like. Here's some of the items discussed:

a. Pre-paint day --> I didn't like how the story/costs kept changing even though it was probably for the best and there always seemed to be an explanation. The initial phone quote for what Jason called a "simple job" was $600 for labour. That then turned into $850 for labour as the explanation then became that it would likely need 1.5 days or 2 people for 3/4 of a day. Then it turned into that the team would use a sprayer which normally has a $1,200 minimum charge but that we'd be able to keep our $850 quoted cost. Like I said this ended up being better as the work was done faster (only about 1/4 of a day with 2 people) and Jason says that the quality with the sprayer is better.
b. Pre-Paint day --> I didn't like how we didn't get resolution [until after the job was completed] on how to handle the Cedar ledge for the Shed. I believe Jason was going to check with his supplier about what to do with that ledge (e.g. stain or paint with a different type of paint). However, I don't think we ever got an answer and we ended up leaving it alone. I'd rather leave it alone than do something to it that might potentially ruin it. I agree with Jason on that. However, if later on it turns out that we could have had an answer and something could have been done at the same time as painting the Shed then I would be disappointed as I wouldn't hire painters again to come in just to do the ledge (and I'm sure Renaissance Painters wouldn't want that job either as it's too small of a job).
c. Pre-Paint Day --> Jason called me to ask me what colour we selected. However, we had already e-mailed him that info and Jason has already even provided us with an e-mail quote that re-stated the paint colour and even included the sheen. As per Jason's e-mail quote: " Paint all surfaces with CC470 Rocky Road top line Ben Moore Aura eggshell sheen." So I'm not sure why he had to call and ask me. I don't mind if it was a "confirmation" type call, but to me, it seemed like they were asking for the colour and that seemed to indicate a little bit of disorganization. To be fair, we are a "small simple job" and I'm sure they have many projects on-going.
d. Pre-Paint Day --> it seem to me, from my humble opinion/perspective, that I had to follow-up with Jason to ensure that my job got booked while I think it should have been the other way around where the Company is trying to book a date with us. And Yes, I realize it's a small job compared to Renaissance Painters other projects, but I think that a Customer is a Customer/Client regardless of current project size, especially since we're in a new house and starting a new family so it is quite likely that I'll need future paint work & future paint projects going forwards.
e. Paint Day --> I gave instructions to ring the door bell just so that my wife who is home with our new born baby would know that people are here to work and that the workers could then go ahead around back to work. However, my wife was disappointed as after ringing the door bell they just stood by the front door until she answered them. I thought my instructions were clear. I gave instructions that said: " You can ring the doorbell on arrival so that my wife knows that you are here to do the work. She likely won't answer the door bell, but by ringing it she knows you've arrived. Then you can go around to the back of the house and through the gate to start working."
f. Paint Day --> The team needed to use our outdoor water hose, but needed my wife's help to turn it on and due to their need to disturb my wife, that ended up waking up our new born baby. The use of the water is OK as I previously had even offered to Jason that I would leave the outdoor water tap on so that the team could use it. However, Jason said that he didn't think it was required. Good thing I still left it on just in case as the team did need it. What if I had turned it off and the team needed access to water outside?? That potentially would have delayed our job??
g. Paint Day --> I'm not sure which worker (maybe both?) smoked cigarettes on our property in the back yard. To be fair, they were outside and they thought they were done working. But I'm allergic to cigarette smoke (so luckily I wasn't home), but my baby may also be allergic so we don't want anyone smoking near us. Regardless of allergies and what not, I don't think workers should smoke on our property.
h. Paint Day --> the painters forgot to paint the cross beams of the window (see picture attached). We had to check to see if they did it and then when we realized they missed it, we had to ask them to paint that.
i. Post-Paint Job --> I was sent an invoice that was dated wrong. Innocent mistake, but just one more iteration of administrative work that we have to deal with.

All these items have been discussed with Jason (owner) and he was very receptive and he's going to make some changes to the process/procedures to make things better going forwards.

I am happy with the work so I would likely use them again.

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