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Good for general cleaning. Sub-par for Post Renovation

Firstly I'll say that Clean My Space has excellent people working in communications/customer service in their office. They are very responsive and willing to listen and communicate.

We had 3 people come in for a post-renovation clean and unfortunately A LOT of spots were missed or not touched at all. I was overall pretty satisfied with the general clean they did upstairs, but the post-renovation part of the cleaning left a lot to be desired.

Having said that - the reps at Clean My Space discounted my clean by two hours. I know they did what they could considering they don't normally discount, but at the end of the day I still ended up paying a LOT of money for what I considered to be a mediocre job.

I would recommend them for regular housecleaning but not post-renovation cleaning.

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Company Response

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We honestly appreciate receiving it, as it can only help us improve!

That being said, we are sorry you felt the need to post a simply average review two weeks after your service was completed, and after you had indicated you were happy with the resolution, and understood the limitations we faced during your service.

The major issue at your service was that the kitchen cupboards needing to be cleaned from post-renovation dust were quite high, and our staff couldn’t reach everything even when standing on the stepladder we sent. For safety reasons, they are not allowed to use anything higher, nor are they allowed to stand on furniture or countertops to reach these areas, as they were asked to do, and refused to do, since they do have the right to refuse to do something unsafe. Our staff voluntarily pointed this area out to you, and told you they simply could not reach while they were still on-site, and you stated that was okay, but called us later to complain about this.

Furthermore, our client service policy is made available to all clients at the time of booking, and therefore was of course made available to you at the time you booked; it clearly lists all limitations or service restrictions we have in place to ensure the safety of our staff, including not standing on anything other than a stepladder to reach high places.

We take the health and safety of our staff very seriously, and have these restrictions in place for their protection. We never ask them to overlook these things, and expect that our clients review all the information given to them at the time they book, so that we can avoid issues such as this on the day of the service.

Your only other complaint about the service was that you were asked by one of the staff to perform a walkthrough of the space at the end, which you felt was awkward. This is in place to ensure the client’s satisfaction, as our staff are trained to do this and have absolutely no problem touching something up if the client is less than satisfied with how it looks.

At the end of the day, we want all our clients to be happy with the results, which is why we ask the clients to look things over and feel free to let the staff know if there is something they want done differently that would make them even happier. We are sorry you felt this was too awkward for you to do, but your satisfaction was the goal, and we want our staff to ask clients for feedback and a walkthrough for this simple reason.

We did offer you a free touch-up service for the next day, but you refused this, stating that you took care of the issue yourself, but were still unhappy, at which point we did offer you a discount, in spite of the fact that this is against our policies, as a touch-up service is what we offer because we do stand by our work and our staff when they can’t complete something for safety reasons.

We wish you the best of luck in the future in finding a service provider better suited to your requirements.


The Clean My Space Team