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Royal Disappointment

I hired Royal Home Imp. about 10 years ago to build a garage and was very happy with their service and product. This year, in late May, I contacted them due to a rotting front porch, and some wood rot issues above it on a small balcony, plus some other small projects. The porch is fairly small, about 16 ft. wide, and about 12 feet deep with 3 porch steps coming up to it. I met with Paul and he quoted, for the job, i thought pretty high but i wanted that same quality and service. At that point he took a 20% deposit, and then another 40 % a few weeks later, but still the workers didn't show. Finally , in July, after a few prompts from me because I was starting to feel ignored, workers showed up and worked on the porch and were done in 1 day, and then a worker showed up to finish it up. The porch was fine but the work above wasn't completed corrtectly so I called yet again and Paul came out and agreed to send back the carpenters to finish that up. At that point , I summarized a few more jobs around the back yard, fix up some rotting wood on flower boxes, and repair a door on a shed, and replace some bent trim on the house with some cedar planks. He quoted 4,200 plus tax for that plus tax and charged the whole amount that day. After all the work was completed the carpenter wanted payment for some parts, and I knew they were included in the price, but i paid him for it anyway, about 140.00 because somehow i felt he would get stuck with the bill if i didn't , and besides i liked him so i agreed to pay it. I brought this up to Paul and after some arguing on his part I was able to prove it was included and he agreed to give me the refund. Well, that took over 3 weeks with a weekly reminder to Paul that I was still waiting, and after spending one huge amount for such little jobs I was irritated I was getting jerked around for 140 bucks. He put the charges on my card that day with no hesitation but getting back a little bit for an overpayment was a task.

Also included in this quote was a ramp of ashphalt up to the garage floor from the outside. It wasn't very long, the length of a two car garage, and about 3 or 4 feet from the lane up to the lip of the floor. Well, they poured the ashphalt and said don't use it for a day. I didn't use it for 2 days and it wasn't hardening, in fact my shoe would sink into the stuff and then of course , track with me into the house. I called Paul after about a week or so and advised him of this, he said, well it's been pretty warm lately. Then 2 weeks later, this stuff is still soft, i could make a snowball with it, and my car was tracking tar all over the place and on my paint. Finally he agreed it needed to be done over again, and that took yet another 2 weeks.

So the final product? not bad, but for this crazy price of these very little jobs and the hounding I had to do to get the job started, fixed after the job was finished, the length of time it took, and the little refund that I had to fight for , I 'm naturally disappointed.

So my options as a disappointed customer are few. But I can post an honest review of what happened, and I can never call them back. Just bad service and no real concern about how they treated me as a customer.

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Company Response

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your review and for the time and effort required.
It is customers like you that remind us that ALL of our Projects should be of the highest quality and your comments
help us to continue improving our service.

We understand that the Project was completed, however your complete satisfaction is what we strive for and therefore, please feel free to contact us to discuss any outstanding items and/or other concerns.