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lynn from corktown
lynn from corktown
8 reviews Toronto, ON

eavestrough cleaning

Last winter I put in an order to have my eavestrough cleaned after the leaves fell. I eventually found an invoice in my mailbox, but there was no bag of debris to show that they cleaned te eavestrough. When I called to ask for some clarification, they explained they didn't leave the debris behind at every job. Hoping for the best, I paid the bill.

Not surprisingly, that winter, water wouldn't drain down my downspout. Instead, I got icedams in my eaves and huge icicles.

As I investigated further, I found a huge clot of frozen debris blocking my downspout. I guess the reason there was no debris in a bag for me at the end of the job was because they forced it down my downspout where some of it jammed and ultimately froze.

Nice job. Can anyone recommend a company that will actually do this simple job correctly?

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