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Jim Renshaw from Oshawa
Jim Renshaw from Oshawa
1 review Oshawa, ON

House move

North York Moving And Storage
48 Clark Ave
L3T 1S5

On NO account hire this company! They are inefficient and dishonest! Let me tell you my story. I engaged them to move me from my semi-detached home into a townhouse, here in Oshawa - a distance of 7 kms - last April (2013) Two men arrived in a moving truck, which incidentally carried no company logo whatsoever. That should have aroused my suspicions for a start. The first half hour seemed to be spent by me filling in various forms, and them telephoning the office. They declined to commence work until I had signed a Visa form. They commenced loading the truck and worked from 10.00 a.m. to 6.30 which time they told me they had done enough and would return the following day to complete the move! As our beds were all on the truck, we were forced to spend the night in a motel! The following day the crew arrived at 9.30 a.m. and completed the move by 1.30 p.m. So, in total they had spent 12 1/2 hours on the move. At NO time was any overtime rate mentioned, and I was never consulted on this possibility. It was seven days later, when I checked my Visa account, that I discovered the company had charged me $4,066.25! Unbelievable! It took me a further month before I was able to prise any sort of invoice from them. When it came, I discovered that included in that figure, they had charged me $911 for "supplies" on Day 1, and $896 for "packing material" on Day 2. The truck was already packed on Day 2, so where did this charge come from? Over the next 5 months I attempted to contact these people in order to address my problem. Eventually, a person by the name of Youlanne contacted me, and admitted that the company HAD overcharged me on the hours, and that they would also reimburse me for the motel cost. They would send me a cheque for $505.49. This payment actually came in the form of two seperate cheques, both of which subsequently "bounced" Further attempts to contact anyone in the company failed, as they would neither return my calls or respond to emails. It was at this time that I discovered this 'review' site! Oh, how I wish I had discovered it before hiring this company. Do you think it is any coincidence that, of the 44 reviews, 20 of them rate them at 9 or 10, whilst a further 21 rate them at 1 or 0? I also discovered that in September of 2013, they had their acreditation withdrawn by the Better Business Bureau for failing to respond to customer complaints! This company grossly overcharged me by falsifying the number of hours and charging me twice for packing materials. I have since reported them to the Ministry of Consumer Services and am informed that an investigation will proceed dependent on further complaints. I urge anyone else who has had a similar experience to myself to contact the said Ministry. It is disgusting that businesses should be allowed to defraud the general public in this way. Buyer Beware, indeed!

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