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Downtown Flooring Company Ltd.
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I have hesitated to write this review pending the outcome of my flooring situation. Let me start by staying that if I were able to give a rating less than "0" to Downtown Flooring, I would. Last summer I did a lot of work on my tiny 1951 bungalow and the work I was most excited about was the installation of marmoleum in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The entire job was a disaster from start to finish. The first crew arrived and were dismayed about working in such a tiny old house. My little house has lots of plaster and uneven bits, but I think that's part of the charm. Apparently the Downtown Flooring people were horrified to be working in such a little house in my up and coming neighborhood. After insulting my home they deigned to do some of the demolition of the existing floor, and then the crew damaged the old subfloor by stepping through it and breaking some of the subfloor boards. A different crew came back to finish the work two days later. According to the contract, they were supposed to replace the old subfloor and install the marmoleum. But they decided not to replace the subfloor and instead to repair the holes in the subfloor made by the previous crew by screwing wood pieces in from under the floor (accessed in the unfinished part of the basement). They made a mess of the installation. When I arrived home, there were black glue marks all over the floor, cuts in the marmoleum, irregular seams and dirt and dust everywhere. Although they were supposed to install quarter-round, they decided instead to leave 10 lengths of quarter-round standing up in my tub. I guess they lost interest in my little house.

While they were doing the work, they decided to take a coffee break and wandered up the street to the local coffee shop. They left my home unlocked and the dog sitter came by while they were out. She locked them out and when they sauntered back to my house they were angry about not being able to get back into the house. Luckily she was still in the area and was able to return and let them back into the house. I guess they figured there was nothing of value in my little house.

I had work done on my house in advance of a family event being held at my home. While all of the other contractors met their commitments and did fantastic work, Downtown Flooring seemed to care very little about my event and why the work was important to me.

I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. My advice is to keep looking. After several conversations with the owner, Steven, he provided me with a full refund. After a year of living with this hellish work, I've just had someone else in to correct the mess and make my house livable again. Stay away from Downtown Flooring.

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