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Tammy i.
Tammy i.
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Short version: be prepared for extremely uneven customer care. Long, not very interesting but deeply frustrating version: After speaking to three different people at Enercare to set up a consultation for A/C, furnace and tankless water heater, I was told they'd call me back to set up a time. They didn't. I called again and was told they weren't going to send someone out for a hard quote unless we were sure we wanted the appliances (?!). This agent also kept bringing up the instalment plan even though I stated clearly I would not be using one. Needless to say I ended up using a different company for the appliances and installation - but the saga continues! Stay tuned as I attempt to return my old rented Enercare tank (three phone calls, averaging 20 minutes each, and counting. However I had the dubious comfort of one agent telling me all the earlier people I spoke to must have been crazy/new employees/ confused. That's always reassuring!). They will pick it up, as I have no vehicle and can't carry it into the return depot by myself, but they will charge me $75 to do so. Fair enough I guess - except that if I lived 35 km away instead of the 7 km that I do, there would be no charge... ? I have suggested that since I've rented for 18 years (why? What was I thinking?), never got a service call or a check-in, and had been on the receiving end of some frustrating customer care perhaps they would consider waiving the fee. Maybe they will, who knows. I see a lot of 10s among the reviews, so clearly they get it right sometimes but they sure didn't with me.

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