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Pool Renovation

WARNING, do not pay according to their schedule! Pay as work is completed. I paid according to the schedule and do not have any completed parts of my yard and most of what they did has to be fixed or redone. I am out a lot of money. What began as a working pool in need of a facelift, scheduled to be started and completed in the fall of 2020 has turned into a nightmare that left me without a pool until mid-August 2021, and still without a completed project as of May 2022.

The issues began with Ryan, the Sales Rep/Project Manager, as he kept giving me end dates and promises to work on and complete the project which was 9 months behind when I told Betz I could no longer work with him.

Additionally, their price quotes changed without discussion. I was quoted a price for square cut Wiatron in 2 areas but decided to use a basic porcelain tile instead. Although porcelain is a much cheaper product, they did not change the price on the quote. I paid my bill after I was assured that it would be changed, which it never was.

The tiles they installed in the fall of 2020 were falling off the walls in the spring of 2021, my liner was hung from the wrong track, had stains and was wrinkled in many areas of the pool. When I was finally able to swim in mid-August of 2021, I got a close up look of tiles inside of pool, which were unevenly cut and loose. The wrong cabinet in the kitchen were ordered and installed, the mason work is sloppy and uneven, the list is endless!

I held back the next scheduled payment as I had paid more than what was finished and quotes were not reflective of work. At this point, I offered to walk away and find someone else to finish, that is when I heard from the owners. I met with Frank and Marc in August of 2021 and was relieved when they agreed with my grievances and said they would get it done asap. They asked me for the instalment payment, and since I was dealing with the owners now, I paid in good faith based on the promises they made to me. HUGE MISTAKE! Nothing changed - I was continuously put off other than some minor work on my hot tub area. They did not finish the area so the hot tub sat unable to be used all winter.

I was told in January 2022 that they had to charge more than originally quoted due to price increases. If the job had been done when promised there would not have been increases. Marc began getting aggressive and I was ready to walk away, but my referral contact convinced me to have a meeting in January of 2022 to give them one last chance to get things finished. On this call, they said they would make arrangements to have people up to do measurements (countertops, wood for hot tub area, etc), which never happened. They also agreed to replace the liner, which was never mentioned again. Also on this call, I was told by Marc that my quote for the porcelain (textured) tile instead of Wiarton stayed the same because their tile subcontractor, said it would cost more money to lay porcelain tiles outside than flagstone.

I have supplied them with a quote suggesting the contrary and have spoken with many tile companies that refute their claim. My referral contacted them in March 2022 as we had not heard from them and they never responded. After this, I sent an offer to settle as I am out a lot of money and had to hire someone new. They responded with another offer to finish but I said no this time and once again sent them the breakdown of what I'm owed with a timeline to answer. They did not respond as of the deadline I provided, so now after 2 years of stress and headaches I have to take this further.

Such a shame that what was once a reputable company treats clients like this. I gave one star instead of zero because their crews were good to me. Multiple crew members pointed out the things they didn't want to do but were made to by Betz' higher-ups. For example, the crew told Ryan that the liner should be hung from the top track, but Ryan said to do it in the bottom one because it was too much work to clean the top one for usage, since they made a mess of it removing the old liner and grouting the tile in the fall of 2021.

I've included a few photos of some of the issues I talked about, as well as the quotes for the Wiarton and porcelain (textured) tiles. Hopefully this can help in stopping someone from making the same mistake I did by hiring Betz. This was my experience as a referral from a reputable builder, so if this is how they handle referrals, I'd hate to see how they treat someone without a good referral.

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Company Response

Hello Laura,
There are two versions of this story which differ significantly. We have turned the matter over to our solicitors to resolve and have been advised to refrain from further comment. Sincerely yours,
Frank Blanchet, President - Betz Pools Ltd.