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Determining pest problem

We originally contacted sthe north shore pest detectives to figure out why were hearing a scratching noise coming from one of our exterior walls. They came, laid some traps, searched under the sinks for signs of feces and said to let them know if the noise went away.
A few weeks later the problem was still there and their second visit was just as pointless. I spoke with them on the phone about what the potential pests could be and they mentioned things from birds to rats and squirrels.
In the end, the pest detectives were pretty useless. We ended up opening up the wall from outside and found a large nest of termites! Thank god we did that or our house could have collapsed.
I truly feel that with the issues we were discussing with them they should have mentioned termites as a possibility.
I wouldn't use nv pest detectives again. They were expensive and didn't help us at all.
After reading the replies by NSPD, I am disappointed in how ungraciously they seem to be taking my review. My experience with the company was what it was. And some advice: not replying to a post doesn't mean a person's experience isn't 'legitimate'. It is ridiculous to make such a suggestion. I really just wanted to put the experience behind me.
I hope the company has many more prosperous years, but I wouldn't personally use them again.

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Company Response

Hi Clare,
Please contact us as soon a s possible. We see this as simply an opportunity to show you what kind of company we truly are. Professional and honest. We give quality pest control at a fair price.
But to this point I am unable to determine exactly what job this relates to. I will also add a some further comments as well as we await your call and other readers may be interested in.
Sometimes when dealing with 'scratching' noises one must go through a process of elimination. Especially when the noises are not made while a technician is on-site then all they can go by is the customers description and details. It sounds like this process of elimination may have still been ongoing in your case and I appreciate no one wants to wait too long. One may have only been able to rule out certain 'suspects' eg. rats, mice, birds or squirrels to that point. Unfortunately some jobs can take longer than others however we always solve it and find the culprits at the end of the day. And what a rarity this ends up being? Termites?! Very rare. I would be interested to hear which species and as well where you are located because we really only deal with one if you are on the North Shore and that is a dampwood termite which would only be assoiated with damp, decaying rotting, wood which is not typical of the side of a house! Carpenter ants, yes, possible and we see them or even a wasp, hornets or bees nest would be more likely or common than termites as they can produce the sounds equal to milk on rice crispies, snap, crackle and pop! So, tricky as one may also call that scracthing (in spring or summer or fall of course for the insects, but again, I do not have your information or even the date of this work being done). But in general, scratching at night (say at this time of year, Feb) would be 'usually or commonly', rats, mice or perhaps even a raccoon. unfortunately nature has a way of throwing curveballs from time to time.
Unfortunately, I have tried to track down your information to know avail. No one has contacted us with any concern or complaint with regards to this job/incident other than this post. I have spoken with our technicians and office scheduling staff and we are not able to confirm where this job took place or your name so we can contact you. Please contact us as we would love the opportunity to make you another one of our happy customers.
Chris Frederick, President North Shore Pest Detective Ltd.

UPDATE: As of Wed March 7, 2013 we are still waiting and have not received any other communication from Clare except this original post.

UPDATE: As of April 2, 2013....still no reply from Clare ? ....not sure what else we can do. We only wish to defend our companies great reputation and continue to deal with any customer issues, complaints or online comments quickly, respectfully and professionally... but we need open communication and to this point I am not sure 'where' or 'if' we have failed anyone at all. Sort of unfair to make a post and not speak to us first or after we can only wonder if this was legitimate or not.